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After a quick review of the pepper spray options on the market, I purchased a Kimber red color pepper blaster for a Christmas present for my fiancÚ. Just a background note. She is a widow and I am a widower and we decide that life is too lonely without a long term partner like we both had. This is a new experience for both of us.

She is gun phobic so the thought of her ever carrying is out of the question. We are both cyclists (as in bicycle) and have carried pepper spray, squirt bottles of ammonia, etc. to protect from dogs with long legs and big teeth while riding in the country. I've lost count of the number of close calls I have had with angry dogs and developed a knack for spraying them while on the fly. A good zinger to the snout or eyes does the trick. Anyway, so much with our experience while biking. But those smallish spray devices for bikers is rather limited and aiming can be a challenge. Once I read about these Kimber products, I knew I found a product that would enable her to feel comfortable and would be the best (at least from my limited search) product on the market. It appears to be well made and a quality product. It feels much more comfortable in the hand that those smaller jobs. I think it was worth the money. Of course we have had no experience using it yet, thank goodness.

She was pleased that I bought it for her....least from the standpoint of my wanting her to be safe. Now if I can just get her to carry it more often. No purse carry. She is willing to put it in her car, but that is about it. We live in the country where it is relatively safe. But we frequently find ourselves driving lost in big metro areas when we visit the big cities. I do feel a little better with it along for the ride and when we take long trail hikes. Our limited experience with this Kimber has been good thus far.
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