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Originally Posted by 2sharp2 View Post
Interesting could be OK. How are you going to use it? As a OWB holster? On your belt but concealed? Just to store in your car or suitcase?

You know I bet if you super glued a piece or two of IV tubing on the back side people wouldn't give it a second look or thought, they would probably think it is an insulin pump or something.
... for me this is more for in the suitcase when traveling or maybe on my belt when hiking with my 6 year old daughter. If hiking more likely in a daypack or camera bag. I know this isn't the ideal concealed cary option out there, I don't need that. Truth is though, if it's on my belt horizontally and my shirt isn't tucked or I'm wearing a sweater you can't see it. Also, if you were to see it you can not see the pistol at all. At any rate it's a lot less obvious and a whole lot lighter than my Super Blackhawk in the Bianchi :-)
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