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I don't care what the Bush clan has to say. It's just a sour reminder of their RINO presidencies. The 2016 election revealed similar sentiment among the republican electorate. Nowhere was this more evident than when the Bush clan descended upon South Carolina during the Primary to save Jeb. Instead, Jeb and the Bush clan suffered an embarrassing defeat with only 8% of the vote resulting in Jeb giving up his presidential bid. Ever since republican voters gave a collective middle-finger to the Bush clan they have been lashing out. Hell, Bush Sr voted for Crooked Hillary. That says it all.

I supported Trump from day-one. Trump defeated the RINO establishment, democrat party, donor class, left-wing media, academia, Hollywood and of course the entire Clinton crime machine. It was Trump and voters like me against everyone else. We won.

With Trump on the inside exposing RINOs and Bannon on the outside working to primary them out, I look forward to seeing a RINO purging. Trump haters like US Senators Flake and Corker have already announced that they won't even try to seek reelection knowing that they would be stomped by a Bannon backed Primary challenge.

Dear President Trump,

Keep up the good work.

We got your back.

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