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Originally Posted by SnowTao View Post
I just bought this -- three red pepper blasters for ~$80 -- after a ... dismaying .. discussion with Andrew Branca... (I mean, he's RIGHT, but I hate having to carry something ELSE!)

If faced with a (so-called ) "non-lethal" threat, having only a handgun to respond with makes "escalation" a possible charge (against the victim of an attack!)... My strenuous objection was: fists are (quite often) NOT a non-lethal threat! Which the class agreed with, but it's the COURTS (and the media ) that will have to be convinced...

Even Thomas Sowell is noticing!

Then, read this quote from the above article in TakiMag. Is it any WONDER that this country is going to hell in an accelerating handbasket?!?

Clearly ""fists" can be a lethal weapon. So, it's a helluva knife's edge: do you draw a handgun or "give up the first punch"? (There used to be a ... thing ... in law that was essentially, a dog was 'given' a "first bite." The courts wouldn't order a dog killed for the FIRST bite, but the second one allowed them to declare the dog dangerous and take action. Bad news if you're the FIRST victim! Bad news for the dog all the way around -- when it's the bad owners who should be put down!!) (And oh, Richard, just leave this alone -- maybe in YOUR state or some other state, it was NOT the law -- or maybe it was just how the jury instructions or court decisions went when and where *I* grew up. It WAS A THING when and where I grew up. 'kay?)

What I want to know is: Did all of these thugs get caught? Were they all convicted? Did they all go to prison? For how long?

And, yes, thugs is the correct word, and if you think that's racist, then you've got a problem. (Not you, Elenor.)

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