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Discrimination against Concealed Weapon License holder

I'm not sure how many of you know that we can legally carry our weapon in a national park, forest, etc. depending on the laws of the State in which it is located. However, this does not mean you have access to any of the federally owned or operated building that are within this national park. You may say, "so?" Well, how many of your old SOBs have to pee more than once a day? Uh, huh. I thought that might get your attention. If you are in a national park, you may not enter any building/structure, for any reason, if you are armed.

I sent the following text in emails to my congressman and senators. It may not change anything, but if enough of us make some noise, it may effect the necessary change.

"I am pleased that current law allows for persons with a valid Concealed Weapon License to remain armed while visiting national parks. However, if I were to visit Kennesaw Mountain National Battlefield while armed, I would not be afforded the same basic facilities for personal comfort (restroom) as is available to all other persons. Perhaps this is discrimination against persons exercising their 2nd Amendment right. I am not asking for access to official business areas where federal personnel work. All Iím asking is that, as a law abiding tax payer, I have equal access to the basic facilities as would be afforded to any other visitor. Special arrangements are made for persons with disabilities, and perhaps other special qualifiers, but not for the average citizen who chooses to legally remain armed while in public. Please have your staff look into this and use your Office to press for change. I should not be treated like a second class citizen just because I choose to fully exercise my Constitutional rights."
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