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Originally Posted by Donald View Post
After a quick review of the pepper spray options on the market, I purchased a Kimber red color pepper blaster for a Christmas present for my fiancÚ.
Never let it be said that Donald does not know how please a lady.

If I understand correctly, the Kimber unit really blasts out a solid spray at a good distance, but you only get two shots. Others might give you more shots, but less distance and a greater chance of a cloud that will affect the shooter.

Good to hear from other riders. I mtb, though. Here in Metropolitan Los Angeles, the only wildlife hazards that exist for us are rattle snakes, mountain lions, and ticks. I can only recall two riders killed by cats, never heard of a rider who has been bit by a rattler, and I can't see pepper spraying my manly bits to ward off an aggressive tick.

You Strava? Pepper spray might be useful in holding back aggressive Strava riders.

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