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Ever see a younger version of yourself?

Well, I did this afternoon.

As I've previously mentioned, the most dangerous person I know--second only to the late Mickey Foster--is a half-pint girl named Kayla. If I'm in a fight, I want her at my back. This is not an idle boast.

Kayla called me the other night, needed some knives polished and asked if she could come over. My wife was seeing a friend with "parent troubles" and Kayla likes a one-on-one conversation where she can let her hair down. Strangely, Kayla brought no knives with her.

She doesn't hang onto boys long, she ostracized four roommates who moved out, and she found a way to hang out at my house all afternoon. Frankly, I believe I am her only friend.

She started talking about knives, and I polished a new SW 60 knife for her, which clearly fits her hand like a glove. I won't allow "friends and/or finances" be discussed in my home, so Kayla pocketed the little switchblade honoring house rules.

Mid-way through the afternoon, Kayla presented a picture of a motorcycle she's purchasing. Sadly, there was no joy in it for her. A tragic but ever-so-true song's lyrics rattled in my head seeing her pain but accepting the remorse, "If one thing in my life is missing, it's the time that I spend alone."

This song is actually about taking a boat out alone to deal with personal demons. While my struggles are long since over, I remember being in my twenties and feeling this angst.

Funny how you can make analogies using knives, and yet no one is kidding anyone else in the room. The bravest person I know has no one to protect her...

I hope she gets through this period of life.
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