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Rough day today.

[emoji25]It's really hard to let something go you really love. When our dog Duncan passed away last year, we were devastated. He's been by my side almost every day for over 17 years. He was my best bud, my side kick and forever in my heart. It nearly killed me. His tattoo on my arm was not good enough.

So I decided to bring him back in artificial form. A company called Petsies, recreates your pet in a stuffed, lovable furry friend. After 5 months of me on the phone sometimes several times a week, they have got it as best as it gets. They carefully recreate him from pictures you send them, sew in hair, stuff and airbrush in his colors, It's amazing. Pictures do it no justice.

It was extremely emotional here today. He might not be real, but he's on forever over-watch, here in spirit and in our hearts. We will never forget him. We'll be together again one day. Save a spot for us... we really miss you lil' buddy.[emoji22][emoji1317]

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