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I think if you look far enough you’ll find folks are using a variety of mags. I’ve used CMC shooting stars for 30 years in competition (45 cal) and have never had a failure or issue of any kind. They’ve been dropped on concrete, in mud, walked on and generally been abused and never failed. I’ve never even had to replace springs. I use both 9 and 10rd. I couldn’t even guess how many thousand rounds have been through them.

In 9mm and 38 super I use a mix of Mec-Gar and Metalform. I’ve been using them for a couple of years now and never had an issue. Both seem to be made as well as the CMC.

I don’t remember whether it’s Mec-Gar or Metalform but it’s my understanding one of them makes OEM mags for Kimber and many of the other 1911 manufacturers.

When I buy I go to Gun Mag Warehouse and look for the best price between the three manufacturers.
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