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We all know that .380 ammo is priced unreasonably high. Hope a few of you will check out Freedom Munitions ammo ( Freedom makes their own ammo and also sells reloaded ammo for about 2 cents/round less. They manufacture most of the common calibers, but I am primarily interested in .380.

You can buy new 100 gr. flat nose FMJ .380 for 23.6 cents per round and new 90 gr. XTP hollow points for 29.4 cents per round. Freedom buys their XTP bullets from Hornady, so it is close to being the same as Hornady ammo for about 1/3 the price. Right now, you can also purchase new Fiocchi .380 95 gr. FMJ from Freedom for 24.5 cents per round. Remember - there is no tax if you live outside of Idaho which equals more savings.

Sign up for their newsletter and Freedom will e-mail your a code to use for free shipping on your 1st order (used mine on my 3rd order when I purchased a large quantity after trying smaller quantities to be sure ammo was good stuff). Freedom also offers free or reduced shipping on holidays, including Mothers Day, Fathers Day, and major holidays. Worried about getting on a mailing list? I've not received a single issue of their newsletter yet, nor any e-mail advertising.

I have fired several hundred rounds of Freedom's new (no reloads - gun is still under warranty) FMJ and XTP ammo through my Kimber Micro Carry. It works just fine. My Micro Carry experienced the same failure to eject and failure to go back into battery as many others. I sent it back to Kimber so they could work their magic on it. It's running good now. Using Freedom Munitions ammo, I can stomach firing 100-150 rounds at the range per trip. The gun has about 1100 rounds through it now using Freedom, Perfecta, Blazer aluminum, and Winchester white box. None of the gold-plated ammo for me now. I am a Freedom Munitions fanboy for the foreseeable future.

Hope this encourages some of you to try Freedom Munitions and save yourself some $$$. I am not connected to Freedom in any way - just an old retired, half-blind government worker hoping to save you some dough.

Oh, if you happen to live in the bankrupt, politically corrupt state of Illinois as I do, you'll have to provide Freedom a picture of your Firearm Owners Identification (FOID) card and drivers license before you place your first order. You might be able to download them to their web site, but I could not get mine to go through, so customer service just had me e-mail the photos of each and they took care of the rest. Customer service is good too.
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Freedom is good ammo, I buy my bullets from the sister company Xtreme. I load 380 100 grain copper plated (same bullet freedom uses) for 12 cents a round. $120 for 1000 rounds. That's bullet, powder and primer, I have brass. Still for around $250 for 1000 from freedom is cheaper than it has been.

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Freedom makes nice stuff at a good price. Only today I got a notification that my order is ready to be picked up by UPS--an order I placed on July 1. If you're not in a hurry, they're a good place to shop.
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A lot of our members use freedom munitions I have purchased some myself. I needed 10 mm brass because I reload also and I did not want to wait. I wanted to get my Eclipse 10 mm to the range.

Where freedom dwells is my country!

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Old 08-25-2016, 12:48 AM   #5
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I have had excellent experience with Freedom's 380 and 9mm new RN ammo. Their prices are decent, especially if you order when they run free shipping specials.

They only make the most popular type of ammo. I wish they made Tokarev 7,62x25 ammo for my 1938 Tokarev TT33. I contacted them, they kindly replied that they do not.
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RustyIron, I have to agree with you on the relatively low shipping. My last order (placed about July 21) took about 3 weeks to get from the day I ordered it. Freedom says on their web site that it takes 10-17 days business days or more to process orders. Right now, Freedom has a $7.50 flat rate for shipping on any order over $99. Those interested ought to start building up their stocks before the election brings about another big run on ammo and prices.
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They finally got 45 Auto 200 gr HP in stock today, ordered 1000.
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Welcome from Northeast, Pa.
A lot of us use FM as our primary ammo supplier. I never have any problems with their ammo and the price is hard to beat.
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And before posting an infomercial for FM, maybe you should read how they treat their customers when you go to their store: .

Way too many suppliers out there who actually care about their customers to spend money with FM.

I'll take Orr Tactical - Home 10 out of 10 times and twice on Sunday over FM.

If I can't find it at Orr, I'll go to

It seems many don't give a rat's rear about customer service though. All they care about is how cheap it is. Of course, that explains why Wal-mart is what it is.

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Nothing but great things to say about FM...I have ordered online from them for many years and their ammo is all that I use for range sessions..

As they became more popular their shipping times has slowed down quite a bit, but if you order ammo to replenish your existing supply like you should then waiting a few weeks won't get your panties all knotted up in a bunch...
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