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Freedom Munitions

Saw a post about a special they were having. Decided to try them out. Placed an order on 9/22 for various rounds in .380 & 9mm. All total 450 rounds. After about a week, I checked with them because I had not received a shipping notice. She said they were behind on orders and it would take another 5 - 10 days to get my order filled/shipped.

Yesterday was the 11th day so I checked back and told them if the order was not going to be filled in next day or so, that I wanted to cancel the order. They responded that the order had been cancelled.

No explanations, no apologies...... just "We've cancelled your order, let us know if we can assist you with anything else"

Not exactly what I would consider great CS
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I had the same problem a while ago. FM does tend to get backed up frequently and at times they will be very slow with their shipping and fulfillment of orders. Many of the folks here get their orders in good time, while others (like myself) have waited for what seems like an inordinate amount of time. I personally have learned that their product is really good, pricing is as well. however, if you don't mind waiting at times, (not in a hurry) go ahead and place the order
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I'm still waiting for my last order which was place a while ago. They did let me know there was a delay due to orders , which I was happy they let me know before i placed my order. It should be here Thursday. Target Sports USA sent me an email today and they had very good prices,but you need to buy 1000 rds to get free shipping. They ship pretty fast if your in a rush.
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I had one an ordered that took around 1 - 1 1/2 months to fill. Granted it was a lot. Word of advice with FM. Good prices good ammo, just be sure to order a month or 2 before you need it.
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Yes they will take a while to ship. I did forget to update my post about the orders I placed. I really wanted to try them out and had placed 2 orders due to free shipping and sales. I had a pleasant chat with the Lady on the phone on a sunday morning and I wound up cancelling the first order no problem with them doing so (I had ordered from laxammo and already received it).
So it took 14 days for the second order to ship. During our conversation she explained about mixed calibers usually taking a bit longer sometimes and yes they are a small company so with all the stockpiling and orders people are placing these days that shipping is swamped for them. I can fully understand this and since I had such a nice conversation that I wound up putting in another order catching the sale on 45 acp new and free shipping

1) cancelled first order with no problems from them
2) received 2nd order in about 3 weeks total ( I actually had a coupon code and get a heck of a deal + free shipping)
3) placed another order for additional 45 ammo on sale and free shipping. I am anticipating it will be here in a few weeks and feel confident that when my spot in the shipping list comes up they will take care of me.

So yes they send quality ammo but smaller company so shipping is not going to be lightening quick. But great if you are ordering in advance of when you are going to be low on your supply ( as is the rule isn't it??). If you are in need of faster turn around then buy factory ammo from a larger supplier and realize it will be at a higher rate.
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Thanks for all the feedback !!

I will give them another try down the road. Not that I was necessarily in a hurry as much as I have to be sure I'm gonna be around to receive the order. I'll be doing a bit of traveling over next few weeks and thus did not want to get in to a situation where there was not someone here to receive it.

I may try single caliber order and see how that works too.
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You guys should have Chuck order for you, for him they ship next day and all the ammo shoots perfect.
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Same here for me. I placed an order on 6/13 of mixed caliber and it took it a WHILE to ship. Seems it was right after some incident on the news that triggered more panic buying. Just placed another order on 9/19 for 1000 rds. of 223 and free shipping and the order was filled and shipped the next day.

Yes they do make good stuff. Be patient with them. They are overrun right now.
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I placed two separate orders on 9/26 and have already recieved both,with the latter being delivered today.So that that a total of 8 days portal to portal.I've been using them for about 5 years and a few times they have been a bit slow but overall I am very satisfied with them.No I do not work for FM!My mistake,I've been ordering from FM for about 4 years.

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Originally Posted by Maineiac64 View Post
You guys should have Chuck order for you, for him they ship next day and all the ammo shoots perfect.

Actually they ship the same day my order is ready, even if I have to wait weeks for them to get it ready.

As far as ammo companies go Freedom Munitions is a small company but they advertise on a lot of gun forums and run free shipping deals. When this happens they get flooded with orders from people like myself that wait for them and place large orders. Being a small company it doesn't pay for them to expand their shipping department just for the times when they run these specials so the cost of the savings is paid for in waiting time. I've learned to work the system by ordering ammo I won't be needing in order to shoot for months down the road.
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