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Select Ammo by Atlanta Arms

Interesting... I'm new to this ammo and am looking at a box of Select 9mm 115gn FMJ... headstamps say... BLAZER, WIN, SPEER, S&B, F C, SAB, X-TREME, PPU, PERFECTA, ATL ARMS, and more... all in the same box.

Manufacturer website detail here:

So these are reloads?? How many times have these casings been reloaded? How is quality assured? Good ammo? Warranty compatibility? SAAMI rated standards?
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... for the record I'm not against Select ammo as I have personally had good luck with it while breaking in a new gun. I'm just concerned about the reload aspect of it and overall long-term use. Thx!
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I've tried Atlanta Arms in .45. It shot pretty well, but was dirty. Perhaps Atlanta Arms publishes (online?) how they assure the quality of the casings and their reloads.
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From Atlanta Arms website, "All remanufactured ammunition undergoes extensive cleaning, full length sizing, and chamber checking, to meet factory specifications."
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There is nothing wrong with shooting factory reloads that meet SAAMI specs. Yes, Kimber cautions against shooting reloads but I believe they are referring to something put together at home and not reloads manufactured in a factory on professional equipment. The difference between new factory loads and reloaded ammo is that the brass case is being reused. The case is cleaned and resized before it is reloaded. Back in the day when I was reloading a properly conditioned brass case could be reloaded many times. As for dirty ammo, that depends on the powder they are using. Some of the dirtiest ammo I've shot is Winchester White Box, the ammo works fine but my gun, hands and arms are usually filthy after a range session.
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+1 on the White Box. I am generally cautious about reloads, but have had more problems with factory ammo than carefully selected reloads over the years.
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Originally Posted by designrs View Post
So these are reloads?? How many times have these casings been reloaded?
The web page doesn't explicitly state that the ammunition is reloaded, so a reasonable customer would expect it to be new. And at that price, it had damned well better be new.

Call Atlantic Arms and ask them to explain. Let us know how it works out, so we can know whether to deal with this bunch in the future.

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At $15 a box for that ammo you can do better so may I suggest a place that many of us use and a box of 115 gr is currently under $10. It burns clean and is very reliable.
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I can get (new) Federal Champion 9mm, 115 gn for $199.00 a case (1000) and I can pick up a case on the way to the range. $211.00 with tax but no shipping. Why would I pay $15.00 a box for reloads?
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Exclamation Definitely Reloads!

Atlanta Arms is right down GA Hwy 11 from me in Social Circle, GA. I have been to their shop. I guarantee you that ALL Atlanta Arms ammo is reloaded. Thus the multiple headstamps on casings in a single box.

Atlanta Arms is a volume remanufacturer. In order to maximize profit, they use the lowest cost materials, not the best materials. The powder used is not bad quality, probably Alliant Powder's Unique. Unique is case filling, easy to meter out and gives acceptable accuracy. However, it is filthy. Be ready to really clean your gun, your hands and most of your shooting equipment. The redeeming feature is the groupings on the target.

BTW, there is a difference between reloaded ammo and remanufactured ammo. Reloaded is the home brewed variety. Remanufactured is done on a commercial scale. Their bread and butter is inexpensive, acceptably accurate ammo. Most remanufacturers also offer custom loading with premium primers, powders and bullets assembled under highly calibrated and closely inspected conditions. For this, you also pay a premium price.

Remanufactured or reloaded, either one voids the warranty on most firearms. Since the ammo is not assembled under industry standard specifications, firearms makers can not guarantee the ability of their products to be able to safely perform with non-standard ammo.
It's one of the those lawyer things!!!

Hope this info helps!!
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