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Trying out Freedom Munitions

Never tried it but black friday had a couple of good deals so I bought 500 rounds of 230 grain for my 45.
Will give a report when I get it in.
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Most members here shoot FM ammo. Many of us own thousands of rounds. I've had no complaints, though I've heard a couple from other members. I expect you will be happy with it. Enjoy.
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Most of the ammo I buy is from FM. It has never given me a problem.
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I never heard of FM before I joined this Forum. Now it’s all I order and next time I get to the range I’m going to try their XTP hollow points. I think you’re going to like FM.
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I've been using nothing but Freedom Munitions for my range ammo for the last 4 or so years and have never had a problem. I shoot their remanufactured .380, 9mm and .45's it's clean burning, accurate and inexpensive.
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Free shipping going on right now.
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Originally Posted by wfm View Post
Free shipping going on right now.
And please try to be patient waiting for your order to arrive. Normally I get my order in 6-10 days. When "free shipping" is being offered they get extremely backed up in the warehouse and the wait can be longer.

For the second year in a row they had major issues on Black Friday and issued an apology on their Facebook page.
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I hadn't heard of Freedom Munitions until I joined this forum either. Found out they had a store here in Houston so I fought the construction to check it out, was told opening second store now. Bought some 45mm and 45 Long Colt and haven't looked back, shot 9mm and 380 also. At first only shot new but buying reman now with no problems.
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Old 11-26-2017, 11:35 AM   #9
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I shoot a lot of their ammunition.

But with the internet one can instantly be an informed consumer using a wonderful search engine.

Ammo Seek .com

Many times their so called bargains aren't much.

And it's always good to have Plan B.

It's all about what serves you best......
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Freedom is my main supplier. Never had a problem.
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