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.357 mag for short barrels?

Hello all, picked a 3 K6 revolver yesterday and am wondering what you guys are shooting in yours? Im sure the loads I have for my S&W 28 will not be fun at all in the K6 so figured I would ask before I start punishing my hand.
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For plinking I hand load a medium power 357 and some light 38 wad cutters. For self defence I run Hornady 125 grain FTX 357's or 125 grain Golden Sabres. Hot but still not that bad even through my LCR.
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If you're hand loading a good rule of thumb is "short barrel = fast powder" You want all the powder to burn up in the barrel. I load for a 3" S&W Model 13, .357 and .38s for two J-Frames.

If you're going to try some different factory loads ...for something really different for carry/defense check out Liberty Civil Defense in both .38 and .357. They use light weight 50 grn bullets with deep cavities. The .38s push 1500 fps out of 2" barrel and the .357 should be closer to 2000 fps from your 3". Now they are loud, make that LOUD but recoil is very mild due to the light bullets. I carry them in my S&W 642 everyday ... I love them.

I've also tried the 9mm (2000 fps from a 4" Sig). Check out the YouTube Videos on these. They're also FBI approved for agent carry.

Try lots of stuff until you find what you and your gun like best. We're all different as are our guns. Enjoy the search.
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Using a fast powder is good advice. Mediums are almost as good. In 357 I prefer 158's loaded to approx 1050 fps. Last fall I took my annual deer with this load. It was a double lung shot, both completely destroyed. Deer was on the ground in less than 2 seconds. There wasn't an exit hole. I've used this method to determine my 45 acp carry load also. Truncated cone bullets are effective also.
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Back in the day, the mammoths used to chew up our flower beds. So I bought a stainless SW 66, which then came with a cylinder that enclosed the entire case.

First time to the range and I could not hit a 8x11 inch piece of notebook paper. Lighter bullets were about the same, just hitting lower.

I had a 158 grain set of casting blocks, and used a lower amount of Hercules Blue Dot. Those grouped nicely.

With factory loads the revolver was loud, painful to shoot and about as accurate as a Madison gang banger.

With a heavy bullet, and power similar to a .38 SPL (but loaded into a .357 Mag case) the pistol became a reliable plinker.

Through a series of trades, cosmetic rebuilds to stock 1911s and finally a Detonics, I found a small gun the hit where it was aimed.

I do not have the same trouble with my SW 360PD, except full-house loads are even more painful. My wife likes that revolver and loads it with light weight Hornady Critical Defense loads in .38 SPL with a very light bullet.

At least that revolver is accurate.
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