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Freedom Munitions Closing?

Some banter on the other forums that Freedom Munitions has closed their Houston Location and is also in the process of closing down their Id location.
Web page and FB look normal, just internet babble?
Would seem unlikely......what say you guys?
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I say call them and ask.

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50% off all ammo now
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Looks like all 380 and majority of 9mm is sold out
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Yes, the Jersey Village (Houston) location is closed.
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I did a quick Google search and found this reply someone received from FM, they posted it on the TexasCHL forum.

Dear Loyal Houston Area Customers,
We have enjoyed serving the Greater Houston Area for the past 6 years and value our many customers. In order to continue to offer you the best service and prices in the ammunition industry, we are now focusing our business on online sales. Although the Houston retail location is now closed, you can place your order on our website,!, and enjoy the added convenience of having it shipped directly to your doorstep. We look forward to serving your ammunition needs for many years to come. If you should have any questions, please call (208) 746-3668 and we will be happy to assist you.
Thank you
Freedom Munitions Team
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Glad to hear the FM store has closed before I drove over there. I have been wondering what was going on because a lot of their ammo has been showing sold out. Really liked their ammo. I was getting a daily email from them but not lately.
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Looks like you can only order a max of 350 .45 reman. Also, there is zero, nada, zilch 5.56 NATO available. Ugh. I'm running low. May have to look elsewhere. will help
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They have been out of 5.56 for quite a while now
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I've made a few bulk online purchases from Most prices are as good or better than Freedom, service was very good and they have free shipping very often, usually around holidays. The ammo I got has been reliable. I've bought reman and new from them. My purchases from them have been 357mag, 38spl, and 9mm.
I think they offer free shipping to first time customers, at least they did at one time.
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