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9mm Ammo

I am looking to buy some 9mm Ammo, getting low. Has anyone bought any Freedom Munitions Ammo since they have been in Bankruptcy? I purchased some LAX in 380, no problems, but I still like the FM of the past.
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I haven’t lately, TargetsportsUSA has been my go to company.

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I have not. I only shot their new 124 gr and I haven't seen it at a reasonable price since the bankruptcy. I use either LuckyGunner or SG Ammo to price Federal American Eagle, and snag it when it hits around 20/round for 1000 rounds. I've also bought and been happy with Aguila and Speer Lawman.
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Nope, it's been awhile, FM seemed to be in turmoil and I didn't want to deal with that. Last 9mm I bought came from Georgia Arms because I was already in town where it is made.
Last big ammo purchase surprisingly came from the LGS and a local ammo company.
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I haven't bought any 9mm from them in a while, but I did get 1000 rounds of reman. .45 a month ago. The last time I bought reman. 9mm I got it from Great Lakes Ammunition.
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LAX - just don't give them your real phone number; they'll spam you with text messages.
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I buy all my Ammo from AngelFire ammunition. They have good sales all the time.

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I didn't know Freedom Munitions was in Bankruptcy. I get emails from them all the time about what is on sale. I got my last 9 MM at Academy Sports here in town...less than 10 a box. Got to catch them when it goes on sale....last time I was there the selection of 380 wasn't the greatest.
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Right now, Midwayusa has WW 9mm 115gr on sale, 1,000 rounds for $199.99 ($0.18/rnd). I usually wait till I can find range ammo for that price to make it worthwhile.

Just a FYI
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Well, for my range ammo, I usually wait until the Gun Shows come to town. I buy all my ammo from Georgia Arms. Yes, they are reloaded (remanufactured if you want). With Police/Military discount, they are the cheapest. I have NEVER had a bad round from them. They come loose so I have been saving all my old boxes and just fill them when needed.
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