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Are we all getting ripped off???

Or are we just stupid? Lately I've been really stocking up on 9mm ammo for the new year. I've been taking advantage of the Black Friday, pre-Xmas, after Xmas, end of the year clearance and "flash" sales. Mainly getting FMJ range ammo.

OK .. my last deal got me Fed 115grn FMJ at $148.00 a thousand … I bought two … shipping, tax, delivered to my door … $148.00. Not too bad huh?

So after getting a pretty good back stock I was thinking I should get some hollow point defense stuff too. Maybe not a lot, just some for EDC practice.

Now this is where things sorta went off the rails … got a "sale" email from the big C store with Hornady's American Handgunner 115 XTP, 200 round bulk pack "on sale" at $70.71 … hmmm? … now wait … that's $352.35 a thousand!

I know many here at KT have mentioned that they favor the Hornady Critical Defense ammo …. uh, well …$960.00 a thousand !!!

My point here is … are hollow point bullets really that much more expensive to produce?? As reloaders we know that the difference between 900fps and say 11-1200 fps is just a tiny bit of powder in 9mms. And the difference in say XTP HP and FMJ hardball is about 8 cents a piece. So … how in the hell do we get from $150 a thousand to $960 a thousand??

Now I'm not picking on Hornady here, I know some defense loads are even more per round (a lot more)… they were just easy to get info on for an example.

So again … are we getting ripped off? … is it just marketing playing on our desire to have the "good stuff" for self defense?... or are we just a bunch stupid buyers?
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Well, you pay for the research that the companies do to design a projectile that does better on the FBI test than the other guys’ do. That means controlled penetration and wound cavity size, among other things.

It’s self defense ammo. Pay for what you want the ammo to do if you’re in a self defense situation. You can use FMJ round nose if you want, as long as you’re ready to deal with the ramifications.

By the way, Kimber isn’t the cheapest effective launching platform. Evidently you picked it anyway. So did I.
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Ya kinda missed the point 'dog … maybe my fault … the question is, "is it really that much more cost to produce HP over FMJ?"

I worked in manufacturing, wholesale, and auditing for 25 years … you can only push the cost of research so far, especially in today's world of computer designing. And too you can only blame the cost of retooling for so long.

And I think there is a big difference between making a quality firearm and a cheapo one … but I really don't think the cost of making hollow points is THAT big a difference over FMJ in the long run. I mean come'on, they've been making HP bullets for a looong time now.

This reminds me of the old saying, "Fishing lures are made more to attract fishermen than fish"

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reload ......
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Originally Posted by Shootinit View Post
reload ......
I do reload Ö range and hunting ammo, but not carry ammo. And in some competitions reloads are not allowed Ö only factory. But I will load for practice.

And if you load jacketed bullets with the cost of powder, primers, Hazmat fees and some new fresh brass now and then, it's getting harder and harder to really save any money Ö XTP bullets are $200.00 a thousand for example.
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Hey PaulWv,

No sir, it doesn't cost much of anything more to produce.

Unless a big sale somewhere, I like buying my ammo at Target Sports USA with free shipping on 1000 rounds. They have lots of 50 round boxes of different HP ammo anywhere from $12.99 to $14.99 and on up for 50 rnd boxes. The white box Federal HP with brass case expands & shoots well.

They have Fiocchi HP 50 rnd boxes loaded with Hornady XTP bullets for $13.99 per box.

I really like the Remington 124 gr. Golden Sabers with nickle cases in the blk/white 50 rnd. boxes for law enforcement. They are $15.99 for 50 rounds and free shipping for a case of 500. Even finicky guns will usually shoot Golden Saber HP's and they have good penetration and very good expansion. My #2 choice right behind HST's which some guns don't like.

Jim D
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I would say we are paying more for advertising/marketing than the actual cost of the ammo. Don’t forget the plastic cases that some companies use.
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Spiffy packumaging FTW
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Marketing and technology
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Are we all getting ripped off???

Imho, defense ammo has always been expensive. Critical Defense, Critical Duty, Gold Dot, etc.
our rule was to determine what gun was going to be defending us, run a box or so through to make sure it function flawlessly, then load your one or two mags, carry it and donít shoot it. Why? Cause its too expensive.
I havenít checked, but Iíd be lucky if I had a couple mags of defense rounds in all my carry or home defense guns. Not really any extras. I even have law enforcement defense rounds in my shotgun and even in my AR rifles.

To reiterate, function test all your defense guns. Ya wanna practice? Use fmj or buy yourself a laser targeting system. They are fun.
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