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A note IRT Blazer Brass .45 ACP:

The .45 ACP BB utilizes small primers, and NOT the standard Large Primers found in this stuff for the last 100 years. So, if you reload for any reason, probably best to stay away from this ammo unless you want extreme frustration when you try to load a few thousand.

All other brands retain the proper Large Primer size. The 9mm BB is fine, just not as good quality of brass as the other commercial offerings. Buy el cheapo, you get el cheapo.

Not really sure why CCI went this route, but it sure will piss you off if you're stuck with a large quality of once-fired brass of this stuff. I've got a box full if anyone wants the crap.
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I shoot Federal Champion aluminum or brass. Its the cleanest I've found to shoot in my .45. I used to get it from WallyWorld for less than $34 a 200rd box. If you can find it in stores its usually about $35 for 200rd alum, or $40 for 200rd brass.
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Right now it's anything I can find.
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Originally Posted by Cucamonga kid View Post
Right now it's anything I can find.
Your not kidding, I just ordered some Herterís 45 from Cabelas. Never tried this stuff before but it was available.
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I have been shooting the WWB 9mm NATO rounds in my carry pistols because it has been a good value lately (up to the virus), and it shoots and recoils similar to my defense ammo.
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