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Reduced recoil ammo

The lady that lights up my life is awaiting her new Kimber. It has a 3 inch barrel in .45acp.

I routinely shoot large guns in all calibers so recoil is not an issue with me but for a petite lady that seldom shoots, I know the 3 inch in .45acp will be a handful until she gets more accustomed to shooting regularly.

My question is has anyone here had experience in the low recoil loads and are they really that noticeable in the reduction.

Thanks in advance.
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I have the eclipse ultra which is one of the heavy ultras (Stainless over Stainless) My wife is 5 feet tall with small hands and she shoots the hell out of it. I think she'll be fine.
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She ordered the Ultra Crimson Trace with the aluminum frame and stainless slide. Weighs 25 oz empty.

My S&W custom weighs 50 oz empty and it is too heavy for her but it is my duty EDC and I am well used to it so it does not bother me.
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My Eclipse Ultra Weighs 32 Oz empty. 7oz differance in frame weight.
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I have several different Ultra models of Kimber's. I have not tried any "low/reduced recoil ammo" and would be afraid it could cause some malfunctions, but can't say for sure.

I would just use regular ball ammo for most of the break in time and she should be fine.

Sometimes I do fire Speer Bonded 185gr Hollow Point +P and they are a handful in the Ultra's and I am a pretty good sized guy.
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I've only shot one box of Magtech Range Ammo in 9mm. It resulted in some malfunctions in two otherwise well-behaved guns. That turned me off to reduced load ammo.

On one occasion I did a side-by-side comparison with some expensive Remington and some Wolf in .45 ACP. The cheap Wolf had a noticeably lower felt recoil. A buddy and I concurred on the observation. It was substantial. Maybe get your sweetie some of the cheap stuff.
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I have experience with the Ultras but do with reduced power loads. Calculating power factor makes our Gold Dot duty 45 ammo a 200-205 pf but USPSA competition only requires 165pf. So my reloads are mostly about 170-175 pf.

If you shoot enough and shoot fast drills eventually with full load 45 you will get elbow pain and tendinitis. I now shoot more 9mm than 45 till they heal up a bit.

So it does make a difference. But the gun needs to be fit right and may need to have the recoil changed to run right. There is a sticky about spring here some where. I also did a thread on an Ultra SIS that did t run well. It explains some tuning that can be done to make it more reliable and those thing also make the muzzle flip less and more pleasant to shoot.

The little 9mms are a pleasure to shoot however as I am finding out with a Dan Wesson ECO.
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I am going to clean and lube the gun once it comes in (likely next Monday) and then take it to the range. I would love to break it in before she first shoots it but it is her gun and some people want to be the first to shoot their gun.

My intentions are to get the thing broke in with 100 or so rounds and then let her shoot it. It will still get her attention but she will get accustomed to it with time.

I have shot some 160 gr reduced loads in my EDC and could not notice a difference but I shoot some heavy duty weapons and recoil has never been an issue, well other than when I fired a S&W 500 once.
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I have a working theory. Remember, all automatic pistols function because of "slide timing." There's a certain 'dance of moving parts' that cannot vary much or the pistol does not function.

Two extreme examples--1). Freedom Ammunition 'Hush' rounds and 2). initial Norma 10mm Auto cartridges. Both function flawlessly for me.

However, the first time I fired the Hush rounds I double-checked the box to make sure I grabbed the right container. Yes, they were pleasant to fire, but they cycled flawlessly, the brass flew spiritedly out of the pistol, and the point of impact was unchanged. Had I lied to you and told you these were Winchester White Box, you probably would have believed me.

To the contrary, the first Norma load developed a reputation for being hot, and over-pressure. Yet, copper crusher tests showed that the maximum peak of the pressure curve came and went before the bullet cleared the case mouth.

Fast forward to the first Colt Gold Cups. They were shipped with two recoil springs. If you wanted softer recoil, then that meant a slower reciprocation.

In other words, if you use 'slower dancers' you first need to use a 'slower dance.' A pistol is a like a car engine, yes it can use lower octane fuel, but you have to de-tune it.
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Until now, recoil has not been a concern to me but at this time, I am wanting her to enjoy the shooting experience. It has been years since she fired a gun and then it was a revolver that was way too large for her hands.

She is NOT a gun person at this time and I am trying to mold her into one. Pleasant shooting experiences will help in that desire.
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