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AR ammo question.

I have a friend that just bought his first AR15, it's a M&P15 Sport II. I have never owned an AR and he's asking about ammo. He found this and want's to know if it's any good, I told him I didn't know but would ask you guys.

Wolf Rifle Ammo 223 Rem (5.56 NATO) Bimetal Jacket 55 Grain 500 rounds [22355] $126.39

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That's a good price... Depending on shipping? I turned a friend onto Freedom, did you guys check there pricing? I only have purchased Federal M885 62gr do to the CA ban on this, I have purchased way too much of this... I mean 2 boxes, and only shot my AR twice!
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I would only use brass. Not steel, not coated steel, not laquered Russian ammo. So my advice- no, stay away.
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Yep, what Gmountain said. I wouldn't use steel cased ammo.
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Originally Posted by Gmountain View Post
I would only use brass. Not steel, not coated steel, not laquered Russian ammo. So my advice- no, stay away.
I agree. I've shot it. It works OK is usually pretty cheap, but it's really dirty.,
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I've shot a lot of wolf through mine but all brass. It is pretty dirty but for the price I don't mind a little extra time scrubbing. No other issues with it.
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I agree, it would likely shoot it ok, but I'd encourage him a different direction. Wolf is very dirty, nasty dirty. As far as price goes, I reload so I couldn't say yes or no on price. In general, 5.56 or 223 is pretty inexpensive (comparatively speaking) and my reloading is likely not saving me very much. But i am stubborn so I reload anyway... lol
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It makes good backup ammo in case the SHTF but I wouldn't use is on a regular basis, nor Brown Bear. I prefer American Eagle or Winchester 55 grain 5.56 over .223. My M&P 15 is chambered for 5.56, and I believe the Sport is as well. The only difference is the Sport does not have the chamber cover or the forward assist, but should be chambered for 5.56. A 5.56 can shoot .223, but a .223 chambered rifle can not shoot 5.56.
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First off I do not know that model! Make sure the AR is chambered for 5.56 if so you can shoot 5.56 or 223. If it is chambered for .223 you should not shoot 5.56 because of the higher pressure. Some are chambered what they call Wylde that also will shoot 5.56 or .223. I agree with Gmountain and others if you like your AR treat it like you do. Plus it will perform better and be reliable. I shot my bushmaster with a friend he had the same exact model he ran wolf I ran some federal and Remington he had jams, ejection problems mine ran perfect. I apologize for being so wordy. I think I may be a little amped up waiting on my M1A.
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Thanks guys, I'm going to pass on what you all said to him. It sure is nice being able to get information like this at the drop of a hat.
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