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Caution to reloaders

I heard about this awhile ago but an ad banner here reminded me of the concern.

Most us have all seen steel case ammo and can readily ID it. But some companies in the USA are now producing steel case ammo but it has been plated or clad in brass. I do not know if it is Berdan or Boxer primed but reloading steel is no go to me.

If you are using range pick brass of an unknown source you want to run a big magnet over your cases.

Guys that use an auto case feeder like on a Dillon 650 has started mounting a magnet on the top of the feeder tube which will stop the flow and set off the buzzer.
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Yea. Keep telling yourself that split times donít matter.

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I use a heavy magnet off an old CB antenna mount for a car. Spread out my decapt brass and do a quick once over. Haven't found any yet. I do it because I decap all my brass before I clean. (Have a dedicated decapping die with large thru hole) it's hard to tell steel from brass if you find some real dirty ones.

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I have found a couple hundred pieces of this brass in the last two months. I am also beginning to find small primer bras (250 pieces) that I wont use either.
I saw a gentleman next to me shooting military surplus ball, it turned out to be steel cased plated. I had not been aware that there was anything like that until I saw it.
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