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Evo sp (cs)

At this price, it does not appeal to me. Additionally, user reports will indicate how it functions.


"Kimber Manufacturing is known for making firearms that are both high quality and good looking, and the new EVO SP fits both of those categories. There’s also a CS version which comes out of the Custom Shop. This 9mm pistol boasts a 7-round extended magazine which is interchangeable with the Micro 9, and there’s an 8-round mag coming soon. The magazine (not pictured) extends the grip and provides a positive grip for those with larger hands.

The EVO SP (CS) features a charcoal gray finish with G10 grips and straps.

The grips are G10 with cool dimples all over. It gives one a firm purchase without being too sharp on the hand. Both the side grips, front and back straps can be swapped for different sizes to fit your hand better.

The grips and strap sizes can be changed to fit the volume of your hand.

The mag release can be swapped from the left side to right using common tools for left-handed shooters.
You change the grips and straps to fit your hands better. You can also swap the magazine release to the right side, and you don’t need a gunsmith to do it. This is the first truly ambidextrous gun from Kimber in this size.

The Custom Shop version features a TruGlo Tritium front sight.
The (CS) sights will make you feel like a better shooter. Not only is the bright TruGlo Tritium front sight easy to see, but the U-shaped notch and blacked out rear sights will help you line up on your target more intuitively–round front sight goes in rounded rear sight–pretty simple. The rear sight has rounded corners to keep it from snagging, too.

The EVO is striker-fired and features a U-shaped notch and blacked out rear sight.

The striker protrudes when it’s ready to fire, and you can feel it with a quick pass of a finger or thumb. Plus, the color contrasts with the slide so when the gun is raised you know immediately if you’re ready to fire.

The KimPro Charcoal gray finish looks good on the steel slide.
The aluminum frame features the proprietary KimPro II finish while the slide has a highly durable ferritic nitrocarburizing (FNC) finish. It looks good, it lasts well, and it all comes together to give you a good grip on a slide that works smoothly without difficulty.

The stippling on the sides of the slide and the scallops on the top not only look good, but also reduce the weight of the steel components and give a good grip for working the slide.

The stylish scallops on the top of the (CS) version and the stippling on the sides also reduce the weight. It comes in at just around 18 ounces. Although it’s lightweight, the aluminum frame gives it the rigidity you’d expect from a larger gun. Unlike many micro polymer-framed guns, the EVO is enjoyable to shoot which makes practice fun.

It’s available now with an MSRP of $1,047. It shoots great, it feels great, and after my short test at the range, it seems like a terrific carry gun. "
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Looking at that Evo does not help my trypophobia at all.
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Looks like the EVO has a similar frame/grip design as the Wilson Combat X9?

Is there a flush-fitting magazine available instead of the extended?

If the EVO works I suspect it will be one of Kimber's better sellers, particularly among those who prefer no miniature manual safety controls to dick with on a subcompact carry gun.

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This is a very short video of firing this pistol.

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I have been looking at the EVO SP (CDP) for a heavier firearm to carry. I have a Raptor.380. I would really like to shoot one but, I don't think that is going to happen. Would just like to get my hands on one to see how it feels.
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Cute … but looks way too small for me. My sub-compact Sig has a bigger grip frame (12+1), fits me much better than tiny little single stacks and was $485.00 at LGS.

But my biggest question is why the Glock style little safety trigger thingy … seriously … why???
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Originally Posted by PaulWVa View Post
Cute … but looks way too small for me. My sub-compact Sig has a bigger grip frame (12+1), fits me much better than tiny little single stacks and was $485.00 at LGS.

But my biggest question is why the Glock style little safety trigger thingy … seriously … why???
I too wondered this one on the Glock style safety on the trigger. Quite honestly even on a Glock it does not make sense. I carry Glock primary with my agency and while I like a Glock very much they are a bit beefy for even concealing with the sub-compact.

This pistol I like, as I have a Micro 9 and they are the best conceal carry pistols I have found. I suspect I will monitor the reliability then if it proves to be like my M9 will buy one for using with my agency as a conceal secondary carry option.
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Fool me once...shame on you....
After my experience with a Solo I'll wait a year or more before I'll spring for one of these.
Solo.....nothing but problems, back to Kimber twice. Traded it off.
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Well, MSRP of 1,047$, will probably equate to about 950$ street price. Beautiful pistol, but to pay a grand for a small 9mm?
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150 rounds in an evo sp cs.. Gun shoots fine. and will get better. Trigger is actually quite good.
MY issue is the breakdown and re assembly........ If I had stronger hands might be a lot easier.
Otherwise, no misfires and decent accuracy.
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