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Wink Just What You Need......Another Damn Gun!

Okay, that pretty much covers my wife' opinion of my latest acquisition!!

I hadn't been to one of my local firearms emporiums in a while, so I was compelled to drop by one on Tuesday this week. I was in a bit of a retro mood so I drifted over to the Smith & Wesson revolver section. I checked out a nice new S&W M-637 .38 Spl +P, 5 shot revolver.

After exchanging pleasantries with the salesman, we got down to serious haggling. I offered. He countered. I counter offered. He gave me his "final offer" and I determined that it was acceptable. However, not wishing to seem bested, I countered with $1 less. He thought for a second and said okay. I guess that makes me the best haggler!! Right??

The Ga Driver's License and Ga Weapons License displayed as proof that I was not a felon, an illegal immigrant, a terrorist or what not and completing the mandated paperwork, I departed with my new prize!!

I haven't owned a revolver in close to 20 years now. Just for giggles and grins, I am now happy to own one, again. After all, I cut my teeth on Smith and Wesson revolvers back in the day. They served me very well and so will this little J frame wonder!!

Fat, old, Ex-Lineman is grinning!! Brings back fond memories of my youth!!!

Oh yes, pics and range report attached below. Went to the shooting range at the near by WMA and blazed away for a while. Picture of target attached, also. While this is not match grade accuracy, it is quite capable of "Minute Of Scumbag" accuracy. That target was shot at 7 yards, double action. The little J frame had a decent trigger, but a bit of polishing on the trigger rebound slide and two coils clipped off the trigger rebound spring and it was ready to go. Single action pull is a nice crisp 2.7 lbs and the double action pull breaks at a smooth, consistent 9 lbs. (Learned that stuff from a Smith and Wesson Armorer way back in 1979 at the World Police Combat Championship in Pompano Beach, FL!!!) No failures, no issues, no grief!! Good little concealed carry revolver!! I'm just sayin'..............

S&W M-637-2 (2).JPG

M-637 Target.jpg <--Center mass, "Minute Of Scumbag Accuracy"!!
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Nice shooting and a nice little shooter. My wife's opinion is the exact same every time I come home with another.

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Looks like you still remember how to shoot those J-Frames! BTW...those are my favorite wheel guns...
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Nice score and nice shooting Keith.
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Way to put your foot down your an inspiration to those of us who are wimpy. Love that shooter and your quite a shot. Very nice and be sure to show that target to your wife
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Nice score! I love those little Smith wheel guns.


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OH NO she Didn't! Congrats.

I had that same feeling the other day when my other voice bought the S&W model 19.

I assume this will be your first Smith with the little lock thingy, I don't own one with the lock. I don't expect any problems but there is internet talk regarding it.
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I like Smith & Wesson revolvers. You done good.
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Nice Smith and good shooting!
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