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Micro diamond 380

WTB I am looking for a micro diamond to buy for my wife to conceal carry
It was a limited production back in 2015 I have found a few online NIB but 3 years old still at full retail this is definitly not your everyday shooter and most gunslinger men would not really want one 380 is a less than desirable caliber as well
I have been trying to make a deal with several shops hanging on to these but no one wants to budge there are much better choices in micro for less money like even a crimson carry
So that’s how I ended up here I was hoping to find a preowned for a good price but so far don’t see it
It seems that kimber makes a lot of limited editions which I find a bit strange and some even wonder why would they make something like that but that’s just my opinion
I hope to find my deal sooner or later but may just get a stainless and change up the grips to make it hers
Back to the diamond yes the engraving is nice the finish is shinny but the grips look a bit cheesy their not crimson or even exotic wood or fancy polymer or such so I really think that all the shops I’ve contacted to try and deal will have these for another 3 years
And here’s the thing she’s going to get her micro 380 380 becouse I carry ppk/s a 380
So ammo will all come out of same box the only attraction to the diamond is it’s name
Diamond is my wife’s nickname
In closing
WTB kimber micro diamond NOS or used in excellent as new condition
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Welcome to the site from Tennessee. I found two listed on GunBroker, have you checked that site? One was $855, one at $899, I can't remember the MSRP but will check. Your correct I believe it is/was a small buying pool for the Micro Diamond 380, if someone spent the bucks for a Micro Diamond they are keeping it or have already sold/traded for something else. Sometimes to get what you want you have to pay top dollar.
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thank you roger that with that being said i saw one being sold for 700 by private seller in as new never carried condition but it was an expired post i might be willing to go to 7 but for that much wood i might just pick up new stainless and change out the grips to customize aside from the engraving and shinny top half its still just s pocket 380
my ppk/s isnt as costly looks good and performs as expected these dealers are sitting on 2015 production pieces collecting dust so bla bla bla ill wait until they cznt stand looking at them anymore or like i said when its time just pick up the stainless
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