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WTB Browning Hi power blued fixed post sights

I want to buy a Browning Hi Power standard model new in box cal 9mm USP 023614679486 blued only with fixed sights if you know where one is please tell me the gunshop and I will buy it
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I looked on GunBroker for the heck of it. There are many used in nice shape and 1 listed as NIB for $1850.00.
Check out GunBroker if you haven't ...
Good luck
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FN stopped making the Hi Power recently. Tisas are now the only company currently producing a Hi Power clone. https://www.brownells.com/firearms/h...rod118691.aspx
As mentioned above your best bet is gunbroker if you want a Browning Hi Power. Those can be fairly pricey for one in good shape. I guess it mostly depends on what you want and how much you’re willing to spend?
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I hope you find a nice one. Like a real dumb-arse, I sold my commercial 1980's HP in a weak moment about 30 years ago and have regretted it ever since. Have never found a nice one at the right price, so have not owned one since.....dangit!

Good luck with your quest.

Sidebar: The Netflix series "Blacklist" features a Browning High Power as a regular carry piece by the character Raymond Reddington, that he uses quite a bit. I mention this as this particular handgun is seldom seen in movies or TV (usually a Glock), but is a regular item in this series. I like both the pistol and the series.....good stuff!
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New in Box is going to be hard to find. As soon as FN announced they were moving to assemble the last of them, investors began buying up everything they could find. You may find a trickle or two, now and again, but my guess is, NIB will be difficult for about 5 years, then the investors will start to push theirs. When that happens, look for prices to start around $2500.00 Keep in mind, you are looking for the worlds most popular firearm. I doubt that fact will ever change.
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thanks yall
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