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Originally Posted by The Tourist View Post
Your wife is what we collectors call "a hobbyist." And there's nothing wrong with that.

I'll bet I have more than dozen out-of-production automatic knives that are close to ten to fifteen years old. I store them in the 'open position' to keep the spring in good condition. I have never cut a single thing with them.

As a salesman I have to come to the sad conclusion the knives are for sale, not for collection. I take this seriously. For example, one of my sources showcases knives with the same handles. There's a little lever over the pivot and a small gear wheel at the butt of the handle that let's me disassemble folders without tools. In this way I can provide the exact handle as to color, the tint of the blade and the desired pocket clip, if any is wanted.

Right now next to the computer is a razor sharp blade and the ugliest handle you've ever seen. I made this folder for myself out of a blade and handle not wanted by my clients. Sooner or later a rich guy is going to fondle the folder and notice that the edge is polished to a mirror due to "certain products" I purchase for myself.

There's a very serious requirement here. No matter how many times I warn these "experts," most of them just 'thumb the blade' thinking they're immortal. Then I have to find a bandage and thoroughly clean a knife for the next idiot.

Here's my advice. Just order the knife you need or want. The salesman will hand it to you wrapped and boxed. It's not yours until you pay for it. Cut yourself at home...

Off topic rambling tourist, try to focus. OP is not wanting to buy a knife. He is looking for a Amethyst Ultra to buy.
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Originally Posted by tff View Post
She is just waiting for new ones (colored) to come out. if they ever do.
And truth be told, that's as good a reason as any for collecting. For example, some guys seek to gather "the entire set" whether they like some of the individual pieces or not. I don't think a hobbyist has to justify anything. I wish her well, and hope the hobby provides a world of fun!
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