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Bull barrel modification

I have a Kimber custom in stainless with the bull barrel configuration I use in USPSA Limited 10 competition. I now want to move to the Single Stack division, but bull barrels are illegal. Is there a gunsmith that can cut the ramp for the barrel bushing on the slide. As of right now there is not a way to put a bushing in the slide.
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what model was the Kimber originally? Very few were bull barrel 5" guns.

Give Alchemy custom a call.
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Model type

It is a Gold Combat Stainless II.
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Wink Hmmmmm?

I believe that you'd either have to get a new bushing compatible slide and barrel or have your existing slide machined to accept a standard barrel and bushing. I have no 'smith that I can personally recommend for this type of work. However, there are some out there that could quite probably take care of the work you are looking for. Such as:

Frank Glenn-Glenn Custom Complete Gunsmithing Service Glendale AZ - Pricing, 1911 Custom Services

Cylinder & Slide Inc

1911 Customization ? Wilson Combat

And probably the most cost efficient:

Gunsmith Services - 1911 Service

Look into these, I'm sure that one of them can take care of you. Cost will be another story, altogether though!! Better your wallet than mine. It might be cheaper to just go out and buy another pistol without a bull barrel!!!

Let us know what you come up with!! Good luck!!
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I think you you would be better off by buying another slide and barrel or a new gun. Once you have altered it you can't go back to original. You could sell the one you have and buy the one you want also as another choice. I am sure you probably have considered these options. At the very least you have a good reason to buy another Kimber!

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