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Kimber Micro Sear spring adjustment

Has anyone attempted to improve the trigger pull on a Kimber Micro? On the sear spring it has two fingers, one rides on the sear and the second rides on the ejector but is wider and also rides on the sear. The trigger bar seems that it moves both the ejector and sear at the same time.
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Hey, Razzle.
I've not worked on a Micro, but have tuned identical designs by Sig and Colt.

I'm not keen on playing with the sear spring, as I would like it to be held against the hammer with a bit of authority. A lot of guys are proponents of changing out the mainspring, which will have a greater effect. However, a weaker mainspring will create a weaker primer strike, possibly resulting in a misfire at an inopportune time.

I have a bunch of mainsprings here in my desk. They're cheap and fun to experiment with, but all my guns are running stock mainsprings.

Like I said, I've not worked on a Micro, but a gun of that type might benefit most from refinishing the sear/hammer engagement. Examine it closely, and look to see that the parts are ground square, without a lot of tooling marks. You can use layout dye or a Sharpie pen to mark the surfaces, then look for wear marks on the ink.

Anyway, before you worry about the force of the trigger pull, first feel for creep and grittiness. Those must be the first things you address.
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Old 07-27-2016, 12:57 AM   #3
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Search on trigger pull here. I've done two 1911s with good results. Messing with the spring your describing is by experiment, and by itself will not do much for you. Like Rusty said, you got to address all the components. Not to be a spelling/grammar/naming ahole, but it's disconnector not extractor.
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I appreciate the responses and I knew when I started this thread people would chime in.
If you look at the manual the micro has both a disconnector, external, and what they call the ejector. The ejector is similar to a disconnector on a 1911 but this is what kimber is calling it. On the micro one finger of the sear spring rests on this which also adds to trigger pull. I have cleaned and stoned most surfaces except the sear that looks good and the hammer notch and fitment seems good. These are so small on the micro I did not want to mess with them. I will keep playing with it and see what happens.
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Old 02-09-2017, 05:35 AM   #5
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Razzle - how did the trigger pull end up? I picked up a micro 9. Trigger pull is 12 pounds. I'd like to reduce it to 7ish. Customer service says it will take like 3 months to send it in and have them do the work.
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Old 12-08-2018, 10:22 AM   #6
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Trigger pull on my Micro 9 is averaging about 5 Lb 2 Oz.
I'd like to lighten it to about 4.
Any suggestions?
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