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Is your Micro ejector loose?

Cross post from Micro 9 forum.
Mine is spraying brass in a ridiculous arc.
It seems to be a new feature after about 300 rounds and five or sixe field strips.
I notice the ejector (/disconnector) wiggles side to side, about 1/16", which would account for the random ejection direction.
I'm pretty certain the carry and the 9 are the same design. Anyone have one handy, willing to lock the slide and try and wiggle the ejector pin?
The gap next to the left side of the hammer is noticeable if you have it stripped, and it's where the wiggle comes from. I can't imagine this is normal, as I can't imagine the ejector hitting the brass at such various spots on the casehead that it could possibly throw them in any kind of group.
We're talking literally 25-30 degrees to my front right, to nearly directly back over my shoulder.
Help appreciated.

I plan on calling Kimber, but can bet they will just stop the conversation and say send it in for 6-8 weeks for a chance of getting it back functioning.
If others confirm that there's also wiggles, and they don't have this problem I will be surprised.
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Good Morning Taylor C

Just happened to be carrying my Micro today so I broke it down while enjoying my first cup of coffee in the porch and mine also has the side to side movement you describe above. I'm not experiencing any ejection issues with my Micro. I'm at the lake this weekend and my M9 is back at Townhome in Houston but my recollection it that it has same freeplay.
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My micro 9 has similar movement as you have described. I am not have the same results as you though. Although when it was brand new it would occasionally throw a round that would hit me in the fore head. It has done that since around the 300 round count.
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Thanks so much for the responses, fellas.
A phone call is in order.
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I’m the pround owner of a “Kimber Micro 9 Crimson Trace”. The I’ve changed out the stock trigger with a Crusader trigger. The problem Is dealing with ejected cases hitting my forehead. Out of 50 rounds , approx. three nail me square in the head. The previous comments have addressed this, however, there does not appear to be a definitive solution mentioned. Any help would be appreciated. Oh yea, the ejector has lateral play in it as well.
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Old 03-24-2019, 10:39 AM   #6
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No, mine is just the usual 'major' size...

Is there an advantage to a micro size ejector? How would that even work?
...No matter where you are it's enemy territory...
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Just be glad it ejects :d
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