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Series II models and aftermarket rear sights

I know there are reports of Series II guns in which the Schwartz safety is out of time. There is a thread and link of the test and corrections already posted in this section. I have found a couple out of time but they were used and there could be other causes of it occurring. I have not found one of time on a brand new gun tested prior to field stripping. Not that it doesn't exist.

Today I started going through a friends Custom II for a tune up and adding of a magwell.

Someone had been in this gun before and a few things needed corrected but nothing major. The friend is mainly a Glock guy and says he needs a lot of work on the 1911 because he sometimes fails to get his grip right to make the gun fire. He did not recall if he was getting hammer fall with no bang as he does immediate actions very well and quick.

The sights have been replaced and after detailed strip and cleaning I put it together to start running checks and found the device out of time. The dovetail had been recut to accept the sights and likely had an effect on time.

This is a reminder that when changing sights to run the check. Many smiths do not know it and when test firing it will go bang with a perfect grip but will fail the test.
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