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Repairing Frame Scratch

I have a Stainless Ultra Carry II & where the slide stop can pivot if you don't hold it from doing so when removing it can scratch the frame. When I bought mine used it had this scratch & having some metal finish skills I believed I could remove the scratch. Everything I've tried from very fine steel wool (frame oiled) to a fiber bar we used for aluminum panels to find lows & highs to a Scotch brite pad (frame oiled) I've only brightened the area more. My next step is sand blasting the area & wanted recommendations on what media to use that would take it back to the matte aluminum finish that closely resembled the factory finish. I did a Colt 1911 frame years ago at work & it turned out a very nice matte finish. I just don't remember the media we used. Any suggestions?

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Repairing Frame Scratch

Maybe a little Flitz and Dremel with small buffer? Might get shinier but also might get rid of scratch. I've been slowly doing a SS Uberti Cattleman... Otherwise, bead whole frame or Cerakote or like jms said?

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I don't mean to be a smartass but, by fixing the scratch, you're only "medicating" a problem instead of "curing" it. Even Cerakote gets wear marks. I think you may continue to have this problem if you don't replace the slide stop. I'm no gunsmith but, it's just a guess.
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I think everyone has gave you good advice, if it was my EDC I wouldn't worry about it. And like Paul said if you don't fix the problem causing the mark there's not much reason to fix the mark at all. Unless of course you are kinda like me and like a good challenge and just want to fix it because you can. Lol, I have the same mark on one of mine an it doesn't bother me, because I use it and it keeps getting more, it would be interesting to see someone put a matte finish on a gun.

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I have decided to bead blast the whole frame & ask some abrasives people what to use. Slide stop is ok just not installed carefully. All my 1911's don't have that scratch & you just have to be careful when removing & installing the slide stop. Previous owner must have pivoted it while pushing it in. Not my EDC pistol & want it looking nice. I don't mind normal wear but it bugs me. Thanks for your inputs.
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I totally understand if its bugging you that you have to fix it. Just know its worth more money in its original finish with the scratch than refinished and no scratch. This fact eases the bugging on my brain when i get a scratch or wear mark. Also to help readjust my thinking I look at blemishes as giving it character. Peace
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I have a few pistols with worn marks. The best advise I can give is don't obsess about it. If you want an attractive pistol, buy a new one and keep it in the safe, and pull it out to look at it when required. For the carry tool/protection it is suppose to have warn marks, like you have shot it and know how to shoot it.
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The OP wants it gone plain and simple. I see 2 additional ideas; you can call Kimber and send it to them and they'll do it (you pay the freight both ways), or hold out for some warranty work on your pistol and chances are Kimber will remove it for you at no charge. They refinished my Eclipse Ultra @ no charge when I sent it in for some warranty work even though it was many years past their "1 year warranty". It looked brand new. Great CS I tell you.
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My first cleaning I put a damn scratch on mine too, same place. Pissed me off so much that it was going to become a safe queen and I would buy another but then realized what state I live in and that wasnt going to happen!
Then I showed the scratch to everyone, well almost everyone, and my peeps said "where.. I dont see it, oh there it is" It is your EDC, relax, shit happens.
I like this pistol and finally good with it, all gooder
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I agree with the OP I would try everything possible to fix it. Or I would just sell it.
I don't mind wear on a gun. Actually some good wear on a carry gun makes it even more beautiful. But not that kind of wear.

Off topic:
I use an oiled cleaning patch to protect the frame when inserting the slide stop (also because I pivot it when I do it)
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