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Advice needed on dismantling 1911 adjustable rear sight.

I have found that I prefer a wider than usual rear sight notch on my Practical (IPSC) pistols. I have a small set of needle files, one of which is flat and with a smooth safety edge that I use to widen my rear sights.

On my Kimber Stainless II 1911 9mm I succumbed to advice that I should also thin down the front sight a bit. This was a big mistake. I took it down too much and unevenly. I want to return the front sight to factory original.

I telephoned Kimber's help line and the customer service rep was very helpful. Unfortunately Kimber do not sell outside the US and no-one in this country would import one for me.

I have finally managed to obtain a replacement sight. It was not easy living at the bottom of the world. I not only had to get the legal paperwork here but get around the issues of exporting from the US. I managed to get it all done but I ended up purchasing a Kimber sight set, including the rear sight.

The rear sight on my pistol often has the elevation screw lock up. Even with the set screw removed it cannot be turned. Fortunately i do not have to change elevation often and when it sticks I spray the sight liberally with CRC, leave it for 30 minutes and tap the sight with the handle of a mid sized screwdriver a few times which frees the elevation screw to turn. Additionally, recently I have become interested in trying a ghost ring rear sight blade.

Replacing the front sight is not a problem, but I have heard that the rear sights on Kimber 1911's are deliberately tighter than usual, so much so that I am thinking it may be best to dismantle the rear sight on the pistol and just replace parts. In particular I am looking for how to remove and replace the rear sight leaf if I get the current one welded up into a ghost ring.

I have searched on the internet but cannot find any directions to dismantling and putting back together the adjustable rear sight on a Kimber 1911.

Any help would be much appreciated.
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I have a SS target II 9mm and noticed that the rear adjustable sight was loose in its dovetail mount. I called Kimber yesterday and he told me to loosen the set screw on the right side of the sight. It is a 1/16th inch Allen wrench; then remove the elevation screw and the top of the sight will pivot all the forward on a roll pin. Notice there are 2 small springs in the top of the sight, take care here not to drop them. Then you will see two holes on the base of the sight, the one on the left side is another 1/16th in Allen screw that you can use to loosen or tighten that sight base or whatever. That small roll pin that pivots the top of the sight can be punched out but I did not have to do that, but you may need to.
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