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Originally Posted by RustyIron View Post
I get stressed, and that can make me sloppy.
Funny, I just had this same discussion yesterday on the phone with Snowtao. She gets wound up easier, and strangely it's about the new influx of neighbors. I think she is paranoid and will wind up being one of those little old ladies who hasn't been away from home for decades.

It really is like a disease. In my twenties I was spooked at nothing, very paranoid, ill-tempered and provoked quite easily. Fortunately the older members had seen "kids" like me before, and instructed me about living openly in a world that would just as soon see you either dead or as a laboratory experiment. I use those same coping skills to this day.

As a youth, my 'resting' pulse rate was about 80 beats per minute. I'm down to somewhere in the 50s now. After a good work-out it gets even lower.
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I swear the best thing a reloaded can do for reliability in pistols is:
1) Roll size your brass
2) Undersize the brass with an under sizing die

Let’s you feed typical unsupported chamber case bulges from random brass way better!
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