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I was thinking...454 Casull, 45 LC, 45ACP, 460R

I'm in the process of finish up my Long Slide in 460 Rowland (having a Wilson Combat ambi installed) and was thinking about a DA revolver to shoot 45 ACP and 460R. My first trip to the range with the LS was a hoot and it reliably shot 45acp, 45acp+P & 460R. Not a single feed issue in 200+ rounds. Soooo...
That led me to - what if I got a DA revolver setup to handle the pressure of 460 Rowland like the Ruger Talo model 5517 in 454 Casull? Or something in 460 S&W. Machine cylinder for moon clips so I can shoot 45ACP, 460R, 45 Super. Understanding they will have different POI, I'd have it accurately sighted for the 454C or 460S&W for hunting and the others calibers for range fun and versatility. Hmm, could that revolver shoot 454C and 460S&W? 45ACP in a heavy gun would be pretty soft shooting and fun at the range. Thoughts?
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