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Few questions about Custom II

Hello all. I have just purchased a Custom II in 45. Overall it is a nice gun. I was very disappointed when I discovered that the mainspring housing is plastic. I am sure this is not an issue for function, but the perception is metal is quality. Plastic is not.
Is there any issue if I change it out? Maybe Kimber makes an official metal one that will not harm the warranty.

The slide lock pin is also very tight. It is either the slide lock hole in the frame is undersize, or the pin is oversize.

I am speaking about perhaps .001".

I also bought a Kimber rimfire kit in 22lr. Terrific kit. Very accurate and very reliable as long as 1200 fps or higher quality ammo is used. It does not cycle with garbage. I can probably put a weaker mainspring in it, and it would cycle cheap bulk ammo.

The interesting thing is the kit works great on my Ruger SR1911, but it doesn't properly fit on the Kimber Custom II. Go figure? The issue is the slide lock pin. If I install the pin by fiddling around with it and holding the slide slightly back to align the hole in barrel lug to the frame hole, I then can't engage the thumb safety. If I remove the slide stop pin, then the safety engages. It is so close that the diameter of the pin makes a difference. If I use the Ruger slide stop ( just the pin portion for a test) it works.

I would have thought that for the Kimber the kit would fit perfectly out of the box.

I realize that this is simply a case of tolerance stack. I will call Kimber later today and ask them for help. Hopefully their CS is good.

Anyway, thank you for listening to me, and please give me any thoughts you may have on the mainspring housing and the slide stop pin.

Thank you and kind regards

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Field strip the gun and insert the slide stop into the frame hole, check for issue. Do same with slide stop pin through the barrel link. The frame whole is likely .200" and the pin on all chambers I have measured are .196". If the gun is shooting fine but this is an issue it may have a burr in a hole or the feet on the barrel that make alignment an issue. degrease, mark pin, barrel feet/lower lugs with sharpie marker and try again look for wear marks in the layout ink.

Does the gun reassemble without recoil spring? holes line up?

Colt used plastic mainspring housing for years and may still do. easy to change but keep the original in case you have to send the gun back to kimber...or they will restore it factory and charge you or the parts. Its their weird policy.
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Hello and thank you. I will give those items a try. It appears to be tolerance stack. The slide stop pin is .1995 and the thumb safety is very tight to the slide.

I took my slide stop from my Ruger ( measures .198) and it gives a little more room.

I will get this together with the procedures you mention.

Thank you

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