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Talking Ultra Raptor II 9mm first time on the range


target.jpgHello everyone! Let me introduce myself first. I am Candice and I am the proud owner of my very first Kimber. Thanks to countless hours of browsing this sight and others, I made my purchase of a new SS Ultra Raptor II 9mm this weekend. It is a real beauty and after an evening out at the range I have come to love its performance as well. After sending 150 rounds of Federal 147 grain bullets down the barrel I am happy to say that I had one FTF. Only one! The feel of this pistol is great. It is very easy to hold onto with the scaled texturing on the front strap and feathered logo grips. The first shot at 20 feet was dead on the center of the bullseye. I sat the pistol down and took a second to appreciate the accuracy of the weapon before finishing off the remainder of the rounds. After firing around 80 rounds I did notice that I was shooting a little low and to the left but I am sure it was the shooter. Overall, I am very happy with its performance and I am looking forward to my next trip to the range already.
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Welcome from Northeast, Pa Candice. Congratulations on your new SS Ultra Raptor.
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Great shooting Candice, welcome aboard and looking forward to more reports from you and the Raptor.
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Welcome to KT, Candice.

You have excellent taste in handguns. Congratulations.
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Low and left try concentrating on pulling the trigger straight back, it's easy to pull the gun left and low if not pulling trigger straight back.

Great gun, congratulations ! I have one with 2,000 rounds through it
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Welcome to the forum, and congrat's on your new Kimber! Nice shooting, by the way! I second what azguy1911 stated on the trigger (assuming you are a right-hander). Practice, practice, practice, which is a great excuse to go shoot some more!
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Beautiful Kimber. Nice range report. I agree with the others we tend to continue to squeeze harder on the grip as we pull the trigger when we do the gun will dip down and to the left for right handed shooters. and down and to the right for lefties which I am a lefty and have experienced it myself. Keep us posted with more pictures and reports.
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Candice, welcome to the site from Tennessee! You bought a great first Kimber, I have the same one in .45. One of the finest looking models Kimber makes and a accurate shooter.

Maybe this chart will help some.

Refreshing to read a post about someone actually buying a new pistol and firing it, instead of the seemingly endless doom and gloom, who's going to be president, why some idiot killed a bunch of people. Sorry rant over.
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Thank y'all for the kind welcome and the positive feedback. The pistol correction chart is a pretty neat reference to what might be going on with the shooter.
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I would say Old Osama definitely has a headache after that. Good shooting and welcome.
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