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Old 04-05-2014, 06:03 PM   #1
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Awesome Range Day!

So today I loaded up my range bag with my Kimber Eclipse Pro II, my Beretta M9, and a loaner S&W .22 Pistol.

I had previously had a few FTF issues with my Kimber so I have in hand a new stronger spring and on order a Wilson Combat flat spring.

My FTF issues had occurred with my Wilson Combat magazine...

I loaded up my truck with my wife and my daughter and headed for the LGS that has the indoor range.

I had spend the last few days drilling safety, safety and some more safety to my daughter.

My wife again preferred the 9mm and it as always shot flawlessly. She did put one magazine thru the .22 and one thru my Kimber. Overall she was happy.

I focused on my Kimber but did put a magazine thru the Beretta and the S&W also.

I put 7 magazines thru the Kimber, no FTF all smooth... So smooth

The majority of the time was focused on coaching my daughter and getting her to feel comfortable. After a few "walk a ways" she finally got the courage to give it a go, and fired 3 times before needing a break.

She stepped back and gathered herself, then came back for more. She put over 50 rounds down range and I let her go pick out her own Zombie target and take the last 2 magazines thru on the target so she could see all her own shots. She loved it! My wife didn't even totally freak out

That's a good day...
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Range day with people you love. Perfect.

I had one too. Life is good.
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Sounds like a great day. How old is your daughter?

My wife so far has shown no interest in shooting. But my daughter at least held it and dry fired it. I'm going to see if she'll learn to shoot when she is home from college this summer.
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Well, there's some background here. My wife is Canadian and had no experience with guns before she met me. My daughter is 10, but a very smart and mature 10. She is also nearly 5' tall.

It's a judgement call. Some people told me I should take her somewhere outdoors with no one around. Some people told me a range was a better place to go, controlled and with other experts around.

The biggest issue we had was that the guy in the next lane decided it was a great time to take out his 12 gauge and start blowing his target up with slugs... It was enough to make me flinch...

I think I will take her to some land a friend has next time and set up some nice inanimate objects (bottles, etc) for her to shoot at.
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If at first you don't succeed, Skydiving may not be for you...

The people of Dubai don't find the Flinstones funny, but the people of Abu Dhabi do.
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Cool Excellent!!!

You are totally right!! You did have a great day at the range. Sounds to me like you got your daughter hooked on shooting!!! Her own zombie target was a great start.

When my son and daughter were young, like you, I drummed safety into their heads and then took them out with the kid sized Anshutz bolt action .22 rifle that I bought for them. We went out by the everglades in Florida. The targets du jour were a sack full of old spray paint cans that I scrounged out of the garage. A quick review of safety, one shot, a big bang, a burst of blue paint in the air and a spray paint can flying 40 feet in the air was enough to hook them!!! Fruit also makes a great kids outdoor target and it is biodegradable!!!

Yes, we picked up the cans and took them with us when we left along with some other junk that we did not bring. We left the area cleaner than when we arrived. Another lesson learned that day!!

Way to go, Dad! Keep your daughter interested! It will be an activity that you can share as a family forever!! Way to go!!!
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Thats a great day, nice work dad
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