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First 1911...One hell of a deal

Just got PCS'd to CO and decided to take a look around the local gun shops and see what was available. I found my local blue label dealer and picked up a Glock 17, and was content for the day. But...there was some time to kill.

I decided to stop at a shop I was passing that was a Pawn shop, but had all the gun/ammo signs in the window. As soon as I walk in I notice a Desert Warrior just hanging out. Look down, asking $850! Check it out, was VERY clean, out side of the barrel had slight discoloration, someone forgot to lube it up before storing it.

Needless to say....I walked out with my first 1911, my first Kimber, my first Desert Warrior. For $800 even out the door!

Shot it for the first time today, performed flawless. I did notice the semi circles cut into the rear of the grips were starting to bother my hand a bit. I may considering changing the grips, or are they all like this?
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First things first! I would like to welcome you to Kimber Talk from So. Cal.. Secondly I would like to congratulate you on your first Kimber , I do not own a Warrior but have heard other members rave about them.I do have three Kimbers. They are addicting.
Now for your grip problem I do not own a Warrior so I need to ask are you talking about the serrations on the grip frame or the removable grips? There are a ton of grip choices out there. There will be other members who have a Warrior that will be able to help more than myself. I am sure they will speak up. Enjoy your Kimber post pictures when you can. we love pictures.
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The actual G10 grips themselves. There are small semi circles notched into it to allow for the screw or pin to travel into the frame. It is something I will probably get used to, because I love the grips themselves.
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Wow, nice pistol, nice price. Welcome from Ga, and yeah....what swca pictures.
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We need pictures !!!!!!!!
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welcome to the forum, and what they said, PICS, Please
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Welcome to the forum from a Middle my first 1911 in 1973, still have is a Colt but we do own a Kimber Micro Carry.
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Pics will be up this week. My phone is being trash aha.
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Good deal on a great gun, congrats!
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Welcome to the site from Tennessee. As already been determined Desert Warrior for $800 is a good deal. Been wanting a Warrior SOC (TFS) but since they are twice the price you paid for your DW I may need to pick a different Warrior model.
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