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Stainless Pro Raptor II in 9mm

Stainless Pro Raptor II in 9mm.

Anyone have one.

Thoughts , Feelings, Experience.

Please comment.

I'd really like it in the Super Carry Pro or Ultra H.D. but I doubt it will ever happen.
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I have a Stainless Raptor II with 5" barrel, aside from the size of the barrel I'm not sure if there are any differences between it and the Pro model.(?) It's a beautiful pistol. Because of the size, I really don't use it much except on the range, and it shoots great, never had any problems with it. I usually use 124 gr ammo in it, haven't had any failures but it's not a gun I take with me every time I go to the range. Sorry that I couldn't be more helpful.
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I once had a sts pro carry II 9mm. It was a little smoother with 147 gr FMJ's than other 45 pro carry II's using 230 gr.
If Kimber made a Series 1 Custom Shop 9mm, I would strongly consider immediate, pronto, like 'at the next heart beat', ..... 'impulse purchase'.
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End of subject.
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I don't think one is better than the other, pick the one you like. I don't own a 9mm Raptor but I have shot one and I can't think of a reason not to buy one.
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Originally Posted by DGM1962 View Post
Stainless Pro Raptor II in 9mm.

Anyone have one.

Thoughts , Feelings, Experience.

Please comment.

I'd really like it in the Super Carry Pro or Ultra H.D. but I doubt it will ever happen.
Closest I have to the pistol in question (Stainless Pro Raptor) is a Sapphire Pro 9mm. Other than looking different I feel they would handle, function, shoot with similar accuracy. My Sapphire is very well balanced, very accurate, never had a malfunction. I would expect the Raptor Pro to be identical.
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