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New and need some help

Hello all, I'm new to any gun forum. I'm also new to the firearm world. I recently purchased two brand new Kimber custom Crimson carry 2 1911's. I really like the way the gun looks and how accurate they are. However, both seem to have the same issue: failure to feed. I replaced both stock magazines with Wilson 47dcb mags. The problem is slightly better I guess but still jams. Sometimes it jams on first round going in or the third or the fifth or the last. Where should I be going to next to address this issue? I was really hoping the magazine was the problem as I have read the stock mags are not the greatest. But doesn't seem like the case. Both guns are still in the break in phase as they have about 300 rounds down range. But it's a slow 300 they jam quite a bit. Are they just tight? Should I be adjusting the extractors? Will the extractors loosen on there own? Like I said I'm new to this stuff, I would prefer not to send both my guns back to Kimber if it's an easy fix. But bottom line is they are far off from being carry equipment if I can't get this reliability issue resolved.

Thank you to everyone, I have learned a great deal from this forum just by reading over the last few months but I needed to post because I need some advice.
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My Custom Crimson II did the same thing. I finally shot through my problem.
Long and frustrating. I sent my Super Carry ultra plus to local gunsmith and he throated the chamber and adjusted extractor. Runs like a top, cost $40.00 . I sent my Solo back to KIMBER and they tuned it up so it runs fine.
I suggest you put another couple hundred rounds through them with good cleanings , and if they don't free up send them back the KIMBER.
I know it's frustrating but once they run right you are going to love them.
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Have you tried different ammo? I would start there and a good cleaning.
and welcome to KT
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Welcome to the forum from northern Illinois.
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I have used different ammo. I will run some more through them to get it through the break in phase. I love them already. There is a weird connection that you have with them. It's very neat and I can see why there is a forum dedicated to this stuff. Thanks for your responses. I will keep you updated.
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Welcome from Northern Indiana
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Welcome to KT from Northeast, Pa.
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Looks like you have received good advice so I will just say, welcome to KT from Jacksonville, FL.
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Welcome to the forum from South Florida. Congrats on the new Kimbers
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Welcome to the forum from Ohio. Put at least 400 rounds through each pistol before you do anything else
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