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New Master Carry Pro Inbound

I have a new Master Carry Pro inbound to go along with the Micro Raptor .380 I picked up last spring.

I've never owned a .45 before and am really looking forward to shooting her.

Any recommendations on ammo? My .380 is very picky, but I've heard the 1911's are far more forgiving.

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Yep, i am jealous. You will love that pistol. Start breakin with 230 ball for a few hundred rounds and then have at it. When you get the pistol, detail strip, oil the heck out of it and shoot the snot out of it.

Pic's are mandatory
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Congratulations on the new Master Carry Pro. Everything that John recommended is spot on.
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I am also envious I cannot purchase a New Master Carry Pro in CA. I do pray and hope to find for sale here that someone brought in.So far my prayers have not been answered. I do not get depressed though because I do own four Kimbers and they are great! So in short congrats on your MC Pro I am sure you will love it.
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Nice choice on the Master Carry Pro, very accurate, smooth handling, sweet pistol, mine is probably the second most accurate of them all.
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Gotta love those round butts Congrats on the new MCP!
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Old 12-04-2016, 03:49 AM   #7
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Congratulations on you Master Carry Pro, I don't think this gun will be as finicky as a Micro 380 in regards to ammo selection.
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As mentioned in an earlier post, stick with 230gr ball ammo for at least first two hundred rounds. My UC II 45 loves spitting those out the business end.
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Congrats on your new MC Pro!!!!

Hoping your MC Pro is as good to you as my Ultra Raptor in 45 has been to me. If so you can feed it anything and it is super accurate.
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I had to remind myself what the MCP looked like and I'll give ya a "Awe hell yeah" response...

Congrats on that gorgeous Kimber......

Jealous for sure.....
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