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Kimber Ultra Crimson Carry II issues

I was shooting this with WWB 45 ACP and kept having issues with FTE ans the next round from the mag jamming. The original Kimber mag had almost no issues but the 2 black Kimber mags had quite a number of issues. The last time we fired issues with another hollow point ammunition(when my friend owned it? I have had great luck in the past with WWB in 9mm but am wondering if it isn't the problem with the Kimber. I was wondering what I should use to practice with this one? Should I use +P for a while? Any info for ammunition experience with different brands would be appreciated.

I am also looking at getting some Wilson Combat mags to try out. I would like mags that won't extend from the magwell more than the Kimber mags it came with. I know they have newer type but they're 8 rounds so I doubt they will work. Any hints at which ones to order and how much better they are than the stock Kimbers?

I want to get this one where I can trust it to be reliable. I love the size of this gun and the fit and finish. I have never owned a 1911 before so it will take me a while to carry it with the hammer back and the safety on...LOL!

Thanks for any info you can provide.
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First, welcome to the forum from Ohio. Are you the original owner of your Kimber? Either way, follow the cleaning and lubing instructions in your owners manual. When you've done that, follow the break in procedure in your owners manual. Doing both you should be good.

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First welcome to the site from Tennessee! How many rounds have been fired in your Ultra CCarry. Was the pistol cleaned and lubed prior to this problem? I am still breaking in a Ultra CDPII so there have been zero failures of any kind, it has fired and cycled everything from hard ball to hollow points to +p hollow point ammo from Georgia Arms. The original magazine and Kimber Pro Tac Mags were used. Any magazine you get must say "Compact" or it will stick out the bottom of the Ultra. I carry a 7 rounder in the pistol and two 8 rounders as back up, cause if I have to use them it won't matter if they stick out the bottom. For the record I have not had any trouble with the Kimber magazines.
I am sure others will post more and better advice.
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Welcome from NY. did you call Kimber yet? there customer service is outstanding...
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Welcome OLE. From my readings of Mike240's posts, sounds like you may have an extractor issue that needs minor adjustment.
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Welcome to the forum from northern Illinois OLE442, you say the last time you fired it with your friend you used a different brand of ammo and it worked fine. I'm going to assume that you cleaned and lubed the gun before you made your range trip so the first thing I'd do is try something other then the WWB ammo. I have an old Kimber with over 10,000 through it that will shoot anything but PMC, put a mag full of that stuff in it and it will FTE.

This is a previously owned gun, do you have any idea of how many rounds have been fired through it, could the recoil spring be ready for replacing?

The Ultra Crimson Carry II has an aluminum frame and steel slide, firing a magazine or two of +P ammo through it is OK but a steady diet will damage the gun.

As far as magazines go Kimber makes a good magazine, I have 7 compact and 13 full size Kimber mags. One magazine doesn't work better in a Kimber then another, either a magazine works or it doesn't, period.
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Try using the same ammo your friend used. If you still have problems, look at cleaning, the number of rounds, possible extractor issues, in that order.
If you don't have any problems with the same ammo it used before, you have found your problem.
I use Lawman 185 gn Truncated cone for practice and have no issues. However, I can go on the web and find at least a dozen queries about FTE's with that same ammo. Some of them regarding Kimbers. Some guns just like X ammo better than Y.
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I know he never disassembled it with about 400-500 rounds through it (just ran a patch through the barrel). I will disassemble it, clean and lube it this weekend and take it back to the range. I will take WWB again to see if "gunked up" was the issue. Then I'll do a couple mags of +P and then some other quality 45 ACP just to see how it goes. If the WWB works, I'll know the cleaning worked. If not the other ammo will give me a better idea of the issue. Could just be an extractor.

Are Kimber Pro Tac Mags better than the ones that come with the gun.I also saw somewhere to replace the recoil spring after less than 1000 rounds?? Is that a Kimber thing? I have never replaced a recoil spring in any gun before? I really like the gun....
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Why mess with the P+, stick with a standard velocity load until you get the problem sorted out. Personally I find WWB really dirties up a gun, there is a lot of reasonably priced ammo out there that runs a lot cleaner.


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Wink Hey Ya'll!

Welcome to the forum from beautiful downtown Monroe, Georgia!!!
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Clean and lube you pistol per Kimber instructions. Once that is done, it might digest that WWB ammo. If it still hangs up, try another brand of FMJ ammo. +P is a waste of money for making holes in paper and is not really necessary at all!! For 103 years, 230 grain FMJ ball .45 ACP ammunition has developed a legendary reputation for putting down attackers with one center mass hit!!! If a standard velocity HP is used and expands even a little bit, you have just created a moon crater in the attackers chest!!! +P ammo is expensive and unnecessary overkill!! It also creates unwanted and needless recoil!!!

I'm just sayin'..........!!! YMMV!!!
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