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Rookie mistake with my Pro Raptor II

At the range Friday, I took several pistols including my Raptor and grabbed several boxes of my target ammo of choice, PMC FMJs. My first clue, to which I was witless, was in hand loading the magazine as the rounds did not load easily and did not completely cover the holes cut in the side of the mag. I fired one shot which hit the target in a less than forceful manner and the slide did not cycle out the spent case. I opened the slide, cleared the breech and noticed that the casing was somewhat ballooned, and, still clueless, racked the slide, and repeated my foolishness. Only then did I check the fact that I had inadvertently fired two rounds of .40 cal. I emptied the mag and started over with a full mag of .45 ACP rounds which fired as was to be properly expected.
My question to the clearly smarter and more experienced of you Kimber enthusiasts is: do you think my brainlessness could have done harm to my fine pistol. Please advise me if my lesson is going to be a costly one.
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Welcome to the forum from St Lou..
I did the same thing "once" but it was shooting a 9mm out of a 45...
I had no issues after that and from that day forward I keep my 45 mags on the far right and my 9mm mags on the far left..
I still have the ballooned cartridge in my range bag just as a little reminder. .
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Welcome from Ohio. You should be fine. Just don't make a habit of it.
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Considering the differences between the two rounds, I'm surprised it, "chambered", as opposed to sliding out the barrel. Must have been a micro-thin ledge holding that case mouth in place. The difference in the generated pressures makes the ballooning understandable. I just can't grasp why the round chambered.

.40 S&W vs .45 ACP - Difference and Comparison | Diffen

All that said, I'm glad you survived and have been able to learn from your experience.

Of course, I've never made any mistakes regarding weapons.
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Welcome to the forum from Dixie Co.,Fl.I don't see any future problems due to your mistake.
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Thank you, gentlemen.

I appreciate your comments very much. My new rule will be one gun with one box of the right ammo on the shooting bench at any time.
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Welcome to the forum from northern Illinois Dog Star, wow, I can understand the error in firing the 1st round but not the second.
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Welcome to the forum!

We all make mistakes. A friend we were shooting with last year accidentally shot 1 round of .380 through my Sig P226 9mm. The round fired, but the slide failed to cycle, alerting him to the problem. We now NEVER have .380 & 9mm ammo out at the same time. I also always check the label on a new box before loading a mag.
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I got a .40 round mixed up with some of my .45s one time. Didn't notice while loading the mag. Inserted the mag, racked the slide and the unfired bullet slid out the end of the barrel. Needless to say I was surprised and then unhappy after discovering my mistake.

Glad you and your pistol were not damaged from the experience.
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Cool Should Be No Problem

Since the .40 S&W round is smaller than the chamber and bore, the pressure of the discharge had to be extremely low. Gas blew by the bullet, blew out the cartridge casing, caused the bullet to rattle down the barrel with next to no velocity and lacked enough recoil to cycle the slide. It should have caused no pressure issues with your pistol at all.

Glad to hear that you made it through safely. Lesson learned!! In the future, THIMK!!! Thanks for sharing. We all need a reminder once in a while to cause us to rethink our safety procedures!!!
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