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Kimber Service

First time poster here on this forum. I've read a lot of past posts here and have learned some good information.

I currently own three Kimbers. A 9mm Stainless Target II, and a Pro and Custom .45 Eclipse Target. I owned a 9mm Pro Tactical II for a short time but moved it on for one reason or another. What I like about the Kimber 1911's is that they were fitted well and they are accurate.

That was until the last one I bought. At the beginning of December, I just couldn't resist buying a Stainless Pro Raptor II 9mm. I'd waited for a long time for someone to make a steel framed commander sized 9mm. I finally had one. All it took was one trip to the range and I had that sinking feeling I got a lemon. For almost 400 rounds of every load combo imaginable I just could not get it to fire a full magazine without either sticking a case in the chamber, a double feed or a failure to eject. I even tried 5 different magazines without success. Also, every time you flipped the safety off, the lever cammed off the plunger tube leaving a pretty good mark considering I only shot it at a range a couple of times. Looked really bent to me. When cleaning the chamber, it looked more like being threaded than the typical smooth chamber in my other Kimbers. Might be why the cases would stick.

So back to the place I bought it so they could send it back to Kimber. They are a master dealer and it took them three days and several calls to their Kimber Rep to finally get a RMA and a shipping label. It's been back to Kimber since the week before Christmas with no report on when it might come back.

Now I realize ever manufacture makes a bad product now and then but what surprised me was how difficult it is to communicate with them. In this day and time you'd think they would at least have emails. Having their dealer take three days before being able to return a gun is not good either.

Oh well, I'll see how it works after it returns.

One other thing I noticed was that they changed magazines. My earlier 9mm mags were a satin finished and the new ones are bright stainless. I can get 9 rounds in the old mags but the new ones I can only get 7 if I press them in REALLY hard. Forget getting in 8 let alone 9 rounds. Anyone else have problems with the current 9mm mags?

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Welcome MIshooter from Big Sky Country. Someone will be here soon to help.
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Welcome to the forum from GA. Sorry that you are having issues with your new pistol but I tend to think you would have gotten faster help from Kimber if you had called them yourself. I've returned my Micro 380 to them without any problems and got the pistol back within 3 weeks. Usually it only takes 1 call to speak with Customer Service and immediately get an RMA in an email. Why don't you give them a call yourself to get an update on your pistol. I've nothing but good things to say about the customer service that I received from them, hope you find the same. Good luck.
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Welcome to the forum from northern Illinois MIshooter.
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Welcome to KT.

1. Don't go through your dealing. Call Kimber Customer Service directly. They will send you, via email, a UPS shipping label. The people at CS are very nice and helpful.

2. Once I have an RMA# I can exchange emails with the customer service rep that I spoke with. They've been good about answering questions or giving me updates. But remember, CS is not in Yonkers, so the update information won't be very detailed. Mostly, it's been received, or it is currently in queue for service. Meh.

3. Once repaired they will send the gun directly back to your home.

Anyway, I find this much better than going through a dealer.
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Welcome to the forum from Northern Illinois. Frustrating as it must be to have this happen with a new pistol, Kimber CS has a great track record of over delivering.
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In the past I have returned one and did it by contacting them directly. Gun was better when I got it back and they installed the night sites I ordered for free. Seems like it was a couple week turn around! Good customer service from my experience.
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Welcome MIshooter and keep us posted on how it goes when your Kimber is returned.
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Welcome to the forum from a Middle Tennessean....just got back into town from Florida. Hope you get your problem dealt with...
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Thanks for the welcome. Normally I would have dealt with Kimber directly but work schedule does not allow for much time to get a gun mailed let alone be home to receive one. Local UPS outlets will not take a firearm shipment. So for me it is the only option to let the dealer take care of shipping and receiving.

Stay tuned....
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