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Custom CDP II range Report

After a week and a half of my life being way busier than normal, I finally got to take my new Custom CDP II to the range!!!

I did a lot of research on this gun before I decided to go with the CDP. I knew I was getting a Kimber, I just didn't know which one! I've read a lot about the stock 7 round magazine follower possibly causing a ding in the ramp, so I picked up 3 Kimber factory 8 round magazines. I also picked up 100 rounds of Winchester 230 grain FMJ and 100 rounds of American Eagle 30 grain FMJ.

I got to the range tonight to find it empty. I was happy to have it all to myself, but I also wanted to show my new gun off..... I loaded up all three magazines (I did not use the 7 round magazine that came with the CDP) with the Winchester FMJ's, split the 25 yard range in half (I shot from around 12 yards) and BANG! First shot was just left, splitting the 8 and 9 ring on a 25 yard slow pistol target. I was smiling from ear to ear!

I shot the entire 100 rounds of Winchester tonight not a single hiccup. I'm jerking the trigger or something, because I kept shooting low left. I know it's not the gun!!! I wanted to keep shooting, but I'm a man that likes to follow directions, so the manual suggests 400-500 rounds of factory FMJ's and cleaning after every 100-150 rounds. I called it a night, packed up and drove the mile and half home.happy as can be!!

The things I learned:
1. To be a good shot I need to practice WAY more than I do! The gun club so close to home should help with that.

2. I love Ballistol. Used it last night to clean the CDP for the first time and tonight to clean after the range visit. Works like a dream. I actually like the smell--even more than Hoppes #9 (please don't hold that against me!)

3. SQUEEZE the trigger

4. Kimber makes one heck of a fine firearm, and I'm very happy to finally own one!

5. Need more ammo....
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Super range report! It only gets better from here, and it sounds like you're on the right track.

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Congrats on a successful range visit with your new Kimber. Here's hoping for many more!
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Congratulations. I notice I shoot a bit to the left with my Ultra Carry. I think next year I will get some Meprolight sights on mine. Gotta get through the holidays....
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Great range report MonRiver, it sounds like the trigger isn't centered in the pad of of your trigger finger. Practice dry firing at home it will help a lot. I use a laserlyte training cartridge and target that is a lot of fun. Even my grand children enjoy playing with it.

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Outstanding range report! No real surprise. Your new problem is deciding which model Kimber to buy next. lol
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Thanks Chuck43. That chart is great. The first magazine was pretty good, then I fell apart.

I was playing with my grip too. I think that put my first joint on the trigger? I know it was me, not the gun.

I'll be sure to dry fire practice! That gives me a very cheap, fun way to enjoy me CDP
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