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You Short barreled Ultra guys ever get this?????

I was shooting my 3 " barrel Ultra Raptor and new Dan Wesson V Bob 4.25" barrel yesterday at the indoor range in the middle stall and 2 of the shooters to the right and left of me asked what caliber I was shooting as I was soooo loud !!! I wear the custom ear plugs plus the Howard Leight low pro electronic muffs and was not aware the shorter barrel 45's would be so loud . I did apologize to both and just informed them they were 45's . Wanted to see if you peeps have had similar experiences! Who's got the inexpensive but superior suppressors on sale ??????
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Can't respond to the suppressor question. But I do not apologize to anyone for firing my legit/legal weapon at a range. They don't like it, tell them to move or grow a set. It is a gun range. Guns go bang! They make various loud noises. Nuff said!
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No one has ever complained about my guns making too much noise. Perhaps those guys need to invest in the ear pro you use.
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The loudest hand gun I have is my T.C. .357 Herrett, the only response I ever get when I shoot it is guys asking if they can try it.
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I have an old thompson center 44 mag. With a ten inch barrel that gets me noticed at the range, but no one has complained about my ultra kimbers being to loud. Had one guy tell me he had only seen one in a magazine lol. That didn't bother me .

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I've never had anyone complain about any of my .45's. Maybe those guys need to invest in some quality "ears"! My guess is they were new shooters and got rental stuff from the range! New shooters at indoor ranges are always attracted to loud noise!
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I don't own a 3" barreled gun but I just had to say, I'm cracking up at the thought of someone complaining about noise at a GUN range
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I've never had anyone complain about the loudness of any of my pistols at the indoor range. Last time I was there someone 2 lanes over was shooting a rifle that was very loud - I didn't feel the need to complain, just noticed it was loud.

I do frequently have others ask me what caliber I'm shooting, esp when I'm there by myself. When I list .45 as one of my calibers, they look mildly surprised, which always makes me proud. Once in a while I'll get a 'good for you'. Guess some men just don't think many ladies can handle (or want to) shooting .45's.
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No complaints but I did unknowingly draw a crowd the last two times I was shooting the Sapphire and Stainless Raptor Ultra's. Some young guys and a girl were shooting .22lr when I got there, so I guess you could say I "Rocked there World". They were young but not stupid, they said the Kimbers were awesome! I agreed.
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Never had a complaint nor have I noticed it much to loud. Now... when I pull out my Freedom Arms 83 in 44 mag and load it up with Buffalo Bore Heavy .44 Magnum +P+ Ammo 340 gr. L.F.N. - G.C. (1,478 fps/M.E. 1,649 ft. lbs.) I can always count on stepping back from the friing line and peek at everyone looking down range at me
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