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Cool Breakin' The Mold!!

To break the mold, I'm posting this to say that my Pro Carry II is working just great!! I had a few issues during break in, but a minor adjustment to the extractor and the replacement of one magazine cured all of it's issues!!It is now a "shooter" and I do include it in my rotation of self defense pistols.

How many others have a good running Kimber to brag about?? Let's show forum readers just how many good Kimbers there are out there. No sense letting the problem guns dominate the threads!! Show your pride and give a thumbs up for YOUR Kimber!!!

PC II 125 Rnds-3.JPGKimber Custom Stainless II & CT Laser.JPGKimber Raptor II.jpg
My PC II, My Old Stainless Custom II and My Son's Raptor II all shoot great!!
NO ISSUES!!!!! How 'bout yours?????
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My Stainless PCII runs like a swiss watch!

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Old 11-04-2014, 06:32 PM   #3
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Ultra CDP II 9mm 1200 rounds, carry gun.
Super Carry Pro, 2800 rounds and also carry gun.
Custom II 6600 rounds, a range gun.
Pro TLE II, 16,000+ rounds, a range gun.
Kimber .22 conversion kit 650 rounds because .22 is still hard to get.

Aside from routine maintenance, cleaning, oiling, replacing springs etc none of these guns have ever required a visit to Kimber or a gunsmith.
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My two Pro Carry II have never had an issue from day one and have over 6K rounds between them.
They have always eaten any brand of ammo like a fat kid eats pastries.
The Ultra Carry TLE is GiGi's edc and has never failed her from the moment she took it out of the box and that was 1K rounds ago.
Kimber makes one of the finest firearms in the industry and manufactures more 1911's than any other company.
Sure a lemon gets out the door once in awhile, but one thing that I know is they do and will always stand behind their product and will make it right.
Their customer service is second to none and "if" you ever have an issue or a question about their product they are just a phone call away..
Go online or order a catalog and check out one for yourself and tell them...
Jeff sent you...

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My Ultra Aegis II runs like a fine tuned Swiss watch. 850 rounds and still ticking with zero failures.
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