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Cool 1st Range Report--Stainless Ultra Raptor II

It has taken a while, but I finally made the trip to the range at the Charlie Elliott Wildlife Management Area. The new Stainless Ultra Raptor II was given a work out. I fed it a box of Winchester White Box 230 grain FMJ ammo. I know a lot of people don't like WWB ammo,
but it has always functioned fairly well for me!!

Of the 50 rounds thru the new Raptor there were only two issues. Both were failure to chamber problems. Upon examination, both were due to imperfections in the ammo. (What was it that I just said about WWB ammo??) Both rounds in question had a slight burr on the mouth of the case that caused the round to hang up on the feed ramp. A slight rap on the rear of the slide cleared the problem. All 48 other rounds made the trip down range with no problems!!!

The Raptor itself performed flawlessly. It's trigger was a bit heavier than I am used to, but it will improve with use. By 500 rounds it should easily be the equal of my beloved Pro Carry II. The only rounds that hit outside the main grouping (at 15 yards) were called flyers caused by adapting to a new trigger. All in all, accuracy was good. Let's put it this way, I wouldn't stand in front of me and make any life threatening moves in my direction!!!

Raptor at Range.jpgRaptor Target @ 15 Yds..jpgRaptor Target Up Close2.jpgRaptor.jpg <---Velociraptor
Kimber Raptor
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Nice Kimber and really nice shooting there lineman!

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Nice shoot'n Keith! Looks like the Ultra is liking you
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Nice shooting Keith, I was going to say I've had good luck with WWB but I'm shutting up before I have issues.
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Really nice shooting and great looking raptor. Congratulations with it. I have the same one, it's one of my favorites. But then again all my kimbers are.
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Like your Raptor and your range report...well done!
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Nice shooting, I enjoy my Ultra Raptor to.
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Nice looking Raptor Keith. Yep, I think your target is definitely dead! I've only been to outdoor range once for NRA class with instructor, but there wasn't anyone supervising the range, no ROs, but I think it was a member only range. Are there usually ROs on the state ranges?
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Nice shooting
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Welcome to the land of the Ultra Carry Keith and that's some mighty fine shooting there partner...
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