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Stainless Ultra Carry II – First Range Report

Another happy Kimber Ultra owner!! I was able to get out to the country and try out the new Stainless Ultra Carry II with the Crimson Trace laser grips. It performed absolutely flawlessly!!!

I shot 84 rounds of 230gr WWB, FMJs and 28 rounds of 230gr Winchester Ranger T-series JHPs without issue. I used the stock 7-round magazine 3 times, twice with the FMJs and once with the JHPs. 42 rounds of FMJs and 21 rounds of the JHPs were fired using the three KimPro Tac-Mag 7-rd compact magazines. I took along two KimPro Tac-Mag 8-rd full-sized magazines and ran 28 rounds of the FMJs through them (only loaded 7-rounds in them though)

Accuracy is very good - better than the shooter. At first I wasn’t so sure about the solid back sight (no dots), but the bright fiber optic was real easy to pick up and place. The Pro TLE/RL I have shoots a little low and to the right with the sights centered. The Ultra Carry seemed to be about perfect on the windage and just a little low — confirmed by my buddy shooting about the same grouping. Putting the sight just a little higher in the “V” seemed to dial it right in.

I suffered from the same affliction as my last outing. While shooting for accuracy at 7-yards I tended to have 6 of 7 shots in a 1.5” to 2” grouping with one shot a couple inches low with just about every magazine. However, I know it was because I was increasing in speed and tended to rush a bit about the 4th or 5th shot and once I saw it was off a bit, I’d slow down a little for the rest of the magazine.

Once again, as with the CTC grips on the Pro, the CTC grips on the Ultra were dead on without having to do any adjustment. Unlike the Pro where I felt like my accuracy was a little better with the laser grips I felt like I was just as,, if not a little more accurate with the fiber optic sight on the Ultra. I think it was because I could pick up the larger and brighter fiber optic sight better on the Ultra Carry than the smaller night sights on the Pro TLE/RL in direct sunlight. Regardless, I have full confidence in the laser grip sights and would use them in a night-time situation anyway.

Other things worth noting: Recoil on the Ultra is more than the Pro as expected. I didn’t think it was a lot more, and it really isn’t. However, I shot about the same amount with the Ultra as I did with the Pro and my wrist is a little sore this evening. It’s not hurting but it is noticeable on a flex and twist motion — nothing to discourage me from continue to shoot it — LOL. Also, I was originally looking to buy an Ultra TLE due to the front checkering and night sights. I can say that I didn’t miss the front checkering and think the wrap around for the CTC grips provided more than adequate “stick”. So to say I’m happy with this Stainless Ultra Carry II and the deal I got on it and the grips is an understatement.

I left my phone in the car again, but we did bring back the target with the results from the last three magazines. All 21 rounds were the 230gr Rangers at 7-yards and I was firing as fast as I could with any chance of accuracy (about 5.5-seconds per mag according to my buddy’s chronograph). 7 of 21 were within or on the 2” circle line, 15 of 21 were in the 4” circle, 18 of 21 within the 6” circle, and all 21 were within the 8” circle. I know that’s not great, but I was fairly happy with it considering how little I’ve actually shot a handgun.

Anyway, thought I wrap things up with a picture of her after the outing and all cleaned up.
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Awesome first range report and some good shooting.....Congrats
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Nice looking Ultra! Range report with pictures of target, and gun. I give you an A+. I would like to have at least one hand gun equipped with a Laser.
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Old 05-28-2017, 06:28 AM   #4
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Nice shooting and a great range report EKG.
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Well done, EKG!
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EKG, I have an Ultra Carry TLE II in black (sans the laser) and really like it! Thanks for the range report.
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Nice range report and good looking pistol! Sounds like it was a good day!
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Thanks to all for the replies. I really did enjoy the outing and left so content and have remained so content that I just might be able to keep from buying another pistol. I found out yesterday they're supposed to be opening an inside range about 10-miles away. I can't wait for that to happen - I'll probably go at least once a week if it's decent and reasonable. I really don't think my friend minds me coming out to shoot, but it's a bit of a haul and I don't want to wear out my welcome.
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Nice shooting and congratulations.
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Very nice report and shooting.
Thank you
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