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Recoil Spring life

I see there are a bunch of threads on this subject, but no answer my basic question. Can anybody school me as to why the recoil springs don't last?
I come from an automotive background. In drag racing we have valve springs that suffer tremendous loads at incredible cycle rates. It is not uncommon to see motors with valve train numbers exceeding 1.00" lift, 450-500 seat pressure, and 10,500RPM, operating in a VERY hot environment. Even with these numbers the valve springs are lasting 10-12 runs (including burnouts).
That is a really long way to ask why I need to replace my recoil spring after a measly 1500 rounds?
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Actually you only need to replace your springs when they no longer meet the recommended poundage to keep the the gun operating properly.

For example a full size .45 Kimber 1911 uses a 16 lb. recoil spring. Not everybody has a scale for measuring springs

so Kimber publishes an estimated round count that a spring will last. It's an educated guess on their part and probably on the conservative side to help protect the guns from beating themselves to death. I have the scale pictured in this post and it allows me to check recoil, main and firing pin springs.

As to why springs wear out, you'll have to ask someone smarter then me.
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